Saturday, March 25, 2017

Photo prompts and a freebie

Last week my friend Pat posted a picture of her blooming Pink Jasmine. Pat lives in Southern California, Land of sunshine, unlike where I am living, land of snow.  Pat is the owner of the company Paper Temptress and I though I'd really like to make her a card using her products.

Here is the photo of the  Jasmine:

I looked in my stash for  Jasmine flower stamps and I came up with a few, I'll share the one I used:

This  Card became pretty intense in color,   I used this 6x6 pad for a background paper
For my base, I used an opulent Gold Mica paper from  the spring collection 

Distressed a Cricut cut frame:

My color selections

and The Card:

Here is an extra freebie for you, Because I love flowers!

I hope you have a great day!
Thanks for stopping by,
Ginny M

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Special April Pre-Release!

At Graciellie Designs we have a wonderful April Pre-Release!  I've teamed this up with sumptuous  Pearlized paper from Paper Temptress!  I'll show you the Card first and then share the details!

                                             Here is the set!   I love the sentiments too!

I pulled up two photos for color prompts 

I printed on Neenah #80 solar white
Swatched my colors

I keep these swatches to help me remember the colors that work - I file them in a small tea box by alpha order - it works for me.

I dry embossed this beautiful Pearl paper called White Diamond  , 

Fussy cut and for the inside of the card:
I printed the hummingbird as a little greater!

These beautiful digital sets are so reasonably priced and if you use this coupon "Ginny10" you will receive 10% off!  

I hope you are having a great day and I appreciate your stopping by!
Ginny M

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Thistle make you smile and a freebie!

I saw a quote on a card somewhere and thought, I should make a card myself with so I di!  Yay Computer and fancy fonts!
I created the thistle from a vintage botanical picture and added the fun font. 
Hope you like!

This is the freebie, right click and save:

My Card: 

Just sweet and simple!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!
Ginny M

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

New Beginnings Card and AP coloring tips

I wanted to make a card for a friend that I knew was having a struggle with the normal wear and tear of everyday life.  We all know if you have lived long enough the old saying "this too shall pass"   I don't want the sentiment to "say this too shall pass"  I wanted a sentiment that would offer a little more positive feeling.  So as I was looking through my digital catalog of stamps  I came across the perfect sentiment and a beautiful flower to go with it!

Here is my set from Garciellie Designs

I wanted something vintage but not drab,  The card needed to be cheerful!

I picked my papers and embellishments

This is my fancy ribbon storage system:  a 13x14 sterilite drawer

I discovered something new in the paper world last week: the Paper Doily Store.
all of the doilies are hand died by the shop owner and everything is packaged so beautifully, I will be able to make a few cards just from the pretty packaging!  

I pulled out my pens and I have started doing something new, maybe you already do this, but this is a first for me.  I was testing the pen colors and decided what a great idea ( this is a tip)  to create a swatch book of the colors I would be using for future reference.  I love my markers but I do not love the colors, the colors are not well represented on the cap color code!  
I wrote on the back of the swatch card the card and type of flower I colored with it.

I printed up my images on Neenah #80 solar white from Paper Temptress , changing the black default ink to a dark brown.  A word on surfaces with coloring; The processing of paper changes as the need for medium acceptance changes.  Much of what we use in the craft industry is a scale down from the commercial world.  Long before Neenah Solar White was Neenah Soar Whtie for alcohol pen coloring it was one of the highest quality offset printing papers (.  This paper goes through a rigorous process of surface polishing, That is why it is so smooth, It is made with a long grain pulp and that is why the ink does not feather on the paper.  80# is my favorite for printing and #110 for card base.  It ha a beautiful appearance and "hand" or it feels good in your hand!!

I laid in my basic colors and then began to add detail with pencil

Here is another tip using AP and Pencil:  I dip my pencils and blender pen right into blending solution  AKA Denatured alcohol or you can use 90% rubbing alcohol.  Works beautifully! 

Bottom flowers are done much more simply:

I fussy cut all the images, added a little liquid pearls to the center, let that dry and gave them a coating of white glue, this makes the flowers very durable,

And here is the finished card:

I hope you like my little coloring tutorials, like most things in lift practice helps!
Thanks for stopping by,
Every day is a new beginning!
Ginny M

This card has been entered into  Simon Says Stamp Monday challenge: Handmade flowers

Monday, March 20, 2017

CCM Sketch challenge with an Anniversary Wish

On Monday's I offer a sketch challenge with a prize over at my facebook group Christian Card Makers.  I also needed an anniversary card so I used my sketch to help with my card!
Here is the sketch:

And my card for on of the sweetest couples on the planet and It will only be a couple days late!!
Bad mom.....

If you would like to join in a fun sketch challenge with a prize (drawing tomorrow) along with lots of other fun things , in a no drama no obligation environment of encouragement, stop over to Christian Card Makers!  It is a group with a purpose! 

Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday Fellowship and a freebie!

On Friday over at my Facebook Group, Christian Card Makers I host a card making event with a free digital image or scripture or both!  This is a joint effort with Word Art Wednesday: I use one of Karen Murrays' verses from WAW and I add the digital.
The benefit to everyone is a free verse and image and an opportunity to win a prize over at Word Art Wednesday!  Sounds like a good way to start the crafty weekend!

I Love this verse from Chronicles,  In the many things I do I always need His strength, I always need to have his presence (face)  in my day to day life.  Both of these things are Eternal and I can take them with me, where ever I go!

I used Paper Temptress's Heavenly white #120  to print my digital on. it is kind of pearly and gave the image a lovely glimmery finish!

Here is the verse
My digital

The combined image, you can save and use all three!

and my card:

I hope you can take a moment to make a card, join in Word Art Wednesday, 
 mail your creation to someone and bless them!!
Have a great weekend!
Ginny M

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Making Great Scrap cards!

Every Thursday I host 'Thursday Night Leftovers' on my Facebook Christian Card Makers group.  The idea is to make great cards using all those leftover bits.  Personally,  I don't have the space or the desire to store a ton of scraps.  If you do then here is a great spot on Pinterest for storing them.
Some of you will think I am a terrible waster of good papers, so if you are inclined to save everything, Stop reading here.  But id you are like me and want to make lovely cards with your bits keep reading - especially new card makers!

To me, this is still to many:

I think you have to decide first what type of bit you will hold onto.

This would be a no for me:

This would be a yes:

I don't do a lot of cards with punched objects, but I do like butterflies and papers like the ones above are great for sweet little butterflies 

That I will store in a small ramekin and the use

I will use sketch patterns too, my own or one from an internet site

You want the same things in your "scrap cards" you do in your regular cards: Quality paper - never use anything that is damaged - unless you want a distressed look
Good composition: a must!  Sketches will help you use the bits for the best composition!
and of course, make it with lots of Love!
Every card should be made with lots of love - for the person that is going to receive it!
you NEVER want your card to look like it was made with Scraps!
It is okay to toss the "fails"!

Here is a card I made from my scrap basket just for this little tutorial:

I pulled papers from my scrap basket - the images and colors help me to "picture" what I want my card to say and look like.

I pulled a printed butterfly from my little drawer of leftover printed or stamped images

Coloring to coordinate  with the papers

I fussy cut the sunflower and saved this little bit for the inside corner of the card

a little sparkle

And here it is:

everything in this card was a bit except the base.  The sentiment was a left over, the ribbon was an end to small to tie.
 I have a very small space -2 12x13 Sterilite drawers to store printed/stamped leftovers, and fiber leftovers plus the small shoe box size basket for the paper scraps.  By going at it every week I can keep the volume down and the quality up.  What do you think does it look like a scrap card?  Don't be afraid to toss paper away, don't hold onto the bits unless they "speak to you" in some way. otherwise, you could end up with a mountain of paper that squats on precious craft room real estate!
Have a great day and stop over to Christian Card Makers if belonging to a group with the purpose of encouragement interests you!
Ginny M