"Try , try and try again"

Friday is Tutorial Time at  MFPSpeedy TV, go here for this weeks Tutorial: http://mfpspeedytv.ning.com/page/tutorial-time-on-speedytv

If you make a peek a boo card and enter it into the challenge you may win a new stamp set!!
I  really feel  we need to better use what we have  in our stashes. In the stamping world beautiful new images are poured out like a feast for stampers to indulge in.  Unfortunately the images are there but the ideas to use them when we get home  are not!  This is why Speedy Tv is such a great tool  hosting  many challenges  and offering an awesome selection of tutorials! Naturally they go hand and hand with their beautiful stamps!

This week the Tutorial is the peek a boo card. And It was a real problem for me.  I just couldn’t get the measurements correct and I couldn’t visualize the assembling.  I think I was just a total Duh on this one.  I even thought about not doing this assignment!  But I thought no, I have at the smarts of a fifth grader so I will just keep working at it!

So after so many attempts:

I decided to find a tutorial on you tube:  and then changed the punch  to something simpler to line up!

There are many of them, you can just do a you tube search on peek  a boo  cards to find one that suits you.  I used the “Be Virtuous set and Dragonflies” both are new July releases !!


I did end up putting a small piece of acetate over the images to help the card slide better.  Do to a couple of ink splooges, I will use a note card and tape it in to the card when I am ready to use it.

This card took me two hours!!  And as I was making it I said never again!!  But once I had the “A Ha” moment I thought I can’t wait to make a bunch more!!

Give it a try, nobody could be worse at this than I was, and the end results are so great, totally worth the time to learn a new trick!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Ginny Maxam


Katie Wenger said…
great job...I too looked at YouTube for how to make this card...it took me more then a dozen tries to make mine too...yours looks great...
Davi said…
Very pretty, love the set you used for it ;)
Very pretty, Ginny. Thanks so much for sharing with us this week.
Word Art Wednesday
Pam said…
What a crack up! Your end result was lovely....loved your blurb! I had some serious issues as well, but didn't post my catastrophes!...good for you.
Kimberly Hogan said…
I have "DUH" moments frequently when making things that have very precise measurements. I try to avoid projects like that at all costs. If I do attempt to make such a project my kids will hide if they see me pull that stuff out.
I think your card turned out very nicely. I especially love the color choice for for theme.
I enjoyed looking through your past posts. You have some great supplies to play with. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE those butterflies. When you say Minwax, do you mean the stuff my hubby and my sons put on the vehicles kind of Minwax?? I really want to try this technique. I also LOVE your dog, just adorable. I just wanna grab those jowls and kiss him. I have Boxers. They have great jowls for grabbing too. :D Well hope you have a wonderful weekend. (((HUGS)))
Lagene said…
Your persistence really paid off~! Great Peek-a-Boo card! It was challenging for me too, but such a fun interactive card in the end!
Jane said…
I have to admit that I had a pile of boo boo's on my desk too. Once I figured it out then I was pleasantly suprised with the end result too.
Darling card!!!
Stampsnob said…
You put a lot of effort into this card but look at it , it is splendid..Lis

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