WOYWW #214

What a crazy week for me!!  Right now it is 3:06 am and I am still up -posting this!! Go Here to Julia's awesome blog to pick up on the rest of the world wide desk hop!!
My desk is a disaster!!
I've got a lot of projects going on today!
I've got a order of 75 formal wedding invitations, can't show you those yet!  But I worked on them most of today, I quit around 10pm  and then worked on OSA swaps.  Steve was studying tonight so I had the time and I thought I'd like to get them done.
In all of these cards I was looking for a clean and simpler look.
Three of these,   This card was for the "Spiky pine tree" swap. A6 size
Four of these:  Black, Red and Gold no White swap
The Kanji reads Majestic Horse (I hope!!)  A7 size
Three of these for the Brushstroke mingle:
These cards are 4.25x8!
Now I am ready to hit the sack!
Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of the hop!
Ginny Maxam


Neil said…
Hi there.
Just popping my head around the door to say hi as I haven't been around for a while.
Hope you have a great week.
Neil #39
Pyro-jack said…
Great artwork - but 3 in the morning??????????? I might have burned the midnight oil when I was younger, but I have to hit the sack before that these days.

Have a good week,

John W (Pyro-jack)#68
ah Ginny well done indeedy!!

Am still gasping a tad at that many in one night, my dear!!

and all in your such superb quality
I have not gone much in challenges/ mingles lately and wont next term as teaching calligraphy one day a week which find wearying, but at our church school, so always worth it 100% covet you prayer for it.
I must write take care dear friend and dont work toooo, too hard!!

Oh and almost forgot your wonderful card stock is the star of my desk today along with Ping card.
THANK you, love, Shaz in Ozx #35
Krisha said…
What wonderful late night works, love the black, red and gold cards
Krisha #5
Helen said…
You are a late night crafter!! it pays off though, those cards are fab. Helen, 17
Elizabeth said…
Hi Ginny, your desk looks just fine to me - nice papers. All your cards are simply lovely too. Hope you have a great week. Elizabeth x #57
butlersabroad said…
Wow, you're a night owl, I would have literally fallen asleep at my desk hours before 3am!! Lovely cards, really like the tall thin one with the blue flowers. Very pretty.

Brenda 3
Lindsay Weirich said…
beautiful! love the horse and brushstroke flower! Happy woyww! Lindsay #112
Julia Dunnit said…
Oh my GInny - that's way too late to be up..being tired the next day too - how will you have caught up! LOVE the brushstroke art, how marvellous. ANd a big thank you too - the PING! present was safely collected yesterday..beautiful stock...I erm, promise to do it justice!

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