A little Drama.. and WOYWW# 279

It is WOYWW#279 and my work desk is pretty tidy - it is my brain that feels like I have had a tornado going through it!  For more work desk fun got over to Julia's blog and tour the world!
  Right now I am learning photoshop, how to use two new printers, my DSLR camera, and Publisher.  I have the new format here, a new  system I started on two of my facebook groups and I joined 4 additional groups.  I'm tell you all this blah, blah, blah because I think I am a little brain fried!  The good side of this is I am enjoying one of the most energized creative times in my life - I am accomplishing goals in my life that are decades old and it is a really good feeling!
The promised drama is not on my desk.

 I'm about to finish a batch of ATC's and do some bible journaling, a wonderful way to finish the day!

An now for the drama Goodies!
These are all downloadable and for your creative use!

A frame:

A portrait:

a sentiment:

The combo - You can download this and/or the components!

My card sample:

Black card stock, foil wrapping paper, black bling.
A little card drama!

I'll be getting back to rubber in a little bit - don't worry I haven't tossed my rubber!!
Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Marit said…
Oooh… I’m awfully late getting back to you since you commented on my woyww post last week… it’s even another woyww-wednesday! The way you describe yourself as 'brainfried' these days is exactly how I feel... with workmen 'in da house' making noise all the time, I can't even think and there's so much I have/want to do... it all begins to spin in my head and it's hard to keep focus... anyway, we're big girls and we shall go forward, ha! Soooo.... keep on rockin', happy crafting, happy woyww and a big hug from Holland. Marit #38
Hi Ginny, I LOVE gold foil paper! It's been a while since I last used it, but I've saved it for years from a friend who use to work at a paper warehouse gave me tons of old samples.
Sandy Leigh said…
I just got my journaling bible not that long ago - love it! Are you in the FB group for that? Your desk looks like a busy, happy place. Have a great day! Sandy Leigh #54
Eliza said…
wow that foil on the card looks fantastic Ginny. Try and get some relaxing time it is important to let the brain rest otherwise you will have a melt down and that isn't nice.

Hope you have a wonderful week

Hugs Eliza, Yoda & Flat Susan #12
Mehrll said…
Slow down!! You are wearing me out! Love the card and the use of the gold foil. Thanks for all you share. Hugs
Ali H said…
Wow sounds like you hardly have time to breath let alone journal ! Busy girl ! Ali #13
Cazzy said…
Hi Ginny, Happy WOYWW again! Wow - I have never really got to grips with photoshop, I only have PSE, and I bought a book on it - I really should learn it!

Also I have planned forever to print my photos to try and sell, and I had a happy birthday email from Epson saying my printer is one year old now - and I still haven't printed a properly set up photo yet! I wanted it to pay for itself and the ink!

Cazzy x #70
Cazzy said…
Oh and thanks for the freebies, I will collect them but whether I ever get to use them is another matter!
Chrysalis said…
Thanks for sharing the freebies, Ginny. They are lovely. Hugs, Chris # 23 PS Love the Fb group!
Beth Sinn said…
I know exactly how you feel with the "Fried Brain". I am also trying to multitask getting all my stuff together, finding my "happy", feling good about gittin' er done and managing the learning curve for al the new technology involved in all that.
I wish you all the best!
Lizzie's Workshop #72 this week.
Angela Radford said…
Thank you for offering the freebies, they look very useful.
Maybe we will get to see some of your finished ATCs.
Hope you have a good crafty week, Angela x 39
Lisca Meijer said…
Hi Ginny,
Thanks for sharing. That frame is beautiful! The whole thing is beautiful.
I have just spent a happy half an hour going through lots of your other posts.
You feel brainfried! Well I don't even know where my brain is! We are living in a building site and the only time I can sit down in peace is (after Bible study and our prayer time) in the evening when they've gone....(That's why I'm a day late)

Have a good week!
Shoshi said…
That's a lovely card, Ginny, and great to see how it was built up from several digital elements. I don't know about brain fried - I have brain fog and when I first read your post (and I read it twice before I read it correctly and made sense of it lol!) I read "it's my brain that feels like I have a tomato going through it." I think I must have a turnip going through mine lol!

Happy belated WOYWW,
Foggishoshi #32

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