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I taught a digital class last night at my Sweet friend Crystals' (AKA Super Stamp Girl) last night, What a great time!  I met 4 wonderful ladies and taught on "hybrid" card making.
One thing about card making and card makers I really like to stress; you need to "follow your bliss" (boy that's an 80's term)!!  There is no right or wrong, no hard fast rules and no card police!  I love using and teaching digital because it give us the ability to expand our personal art expression!

I prepared a simple hand out for the ladies outlining the basics of acquiring images and storing them. I know I've gone to classes and while I am there I am genius and everything makes sense.  I get home however and I can hardly remember the first thing to do, hence a hand out!

I had three examples of digital cards:
Each student had a "Kit" of each card

This card was the example of colored images and a added digital sentiment:

This is an example of a simple B+W with a text box insert done in word:
coloring was also done by students.

This card is an example of using commercial paper for backgrounds and a rubber stamped sentiment
I also altered this image to have Audrey holding a pen between her teeth. I just couldn't glorify smoking even in art - I worked in hospice and saw what tobacco does to people. 

I love this card and it makes me think of one of my best friends..

I also promised the ladies that if they stopped over to my blog I would have thier images here  for them to practice acquiring digital images!
So here they are and you can have them too!

Last and not least a list of websites for more images and links!

Digital use is a great tool in your craft box, give it a try if you don't already!
Thanks for stopping by,
Ginny M

remember, right click and save!!


nursemarcia said…
Great class thanks Ginny!
Thanks so much, Ginny, for a great class! The cards were beautiful as always! Hugs. Crystal
Ah Ginny wonderful images and superb cards did you make the Irish blessing digi if so, what was the font? Just wondering :)
We having big storm here had 150mm thus far or 6 inches in two hours... Praying it stops soon ....
Done a recky around the house and all is well but praying for other folks...glad we love on sandy soil.
Hugs, Shaz in Oz.x
Jan Castle said…
Thanks Ginny...great saves for everyone!!!
Paper Hugs,

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