Starting card parties and a new page

I've added a new page to my blog to help start up card parties and related out reaches!  you can go here  to the new page:  for the full line up.  I will share today with you  how to start having card parties!

Tutorial #1

Starting  your Card parties is much easier than you think!  A real key here is not to over think this.  If you are starting with brand new 'I've never made a card before' people  you have to keep it simple or you will loose them before the glue dries!  I will start with that group. 

Keep it simple and keep it small, I would have no more than 3 at the most 4 people in this category.  These newbies will ask you all kinds of questions  and keep you busy demonstrating how to hold the stamp and how to use adhesive.    For this group I would plan on your activity period lasting 90 minutes.  Have three sample cards prepared and packaged in kits, each card in it own package - use a baggie, a cello bag and have everything they will need.  You don't need to give them a supply list, once they start stamping they will get it!!  If you use liquid glue, make sure you tell them how to use it and where they can buy it, same for the runners, they are easy to use but not everyone can afford them.   
For the first card keep it really simple. Demo how to ink up the stamp, center image and then press image on to the paper.  Have lots of practice paper. A key here is is a very attractive background paper to keep their interest.  Make the first card EASY!!!  Your guests will feel encouraged and eager to move on to the next project

Here is an example of a simple card to start with:

Simple supplies cut and ready to basically just assemble.  Use a good heavy weight card stock for the base.

Who wouldn't love this.  I did change my verse stamp, I was having a hard time getting that older stamp inked correctly
You can also stamp your sentiment /focal image  ahead of time.

The card sample to show your guests

Who wouldn't be excited to make this beautiful card for a first try!

It is really that simple!!

Tutorial#2  The intermediate group.

Hope you give it a try!

Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Scrappy quilter said…
Totally agree. I started teaching quilting this year and only have 4 students. Much easier to teach when it's small. I love your simple card - so elegant!
Stephanie said…
Your card is a work of beauty and having the Scripture verse on it makes it even more wonderful :)

It was a blessing to have you link up with Roses of Inspiration - I hope you're able to join us again next week. Hugs!

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