Commissioned card and commissioned in life, getting a good impression.

My friend Carol asked me a couple weeks ago to make a card for a friend, a guy friend.  The request was make it manly and use the verse Matthew 6:33.

I Love making cards like this, I pray for the person receiving and the person giving. I pray the right message is given and received.  You know there are always at least two ways a person could take something and I want it always to be in love.  

This is the verse and it was already in my stash, you can find many more at Word Art Wednesday in their archives of verses.

Carol wanted this verse to give to her friend because she has for decades been a person that cares for people and wants to reach out and encourage.  

In life we all work hard to keep a roof over our head and have the things we think we should have.  Work is good,  the bible says work is a gift from God.   But to Work and not seek God is so counter productive it leads to all manor of anxiety associated problems.                                                         We need to work, but we need to have a sense of purpose .  
When we seek the kingdom of  God  first,  our purpose becomes more tangible and more productive.  We really don't need a bigger speed boat, but we really might need to mentor a troubled teen.  We might not need to find another great restaurant, we might need to bring a family a few bags of quality groceries. 
 It is in our giving out of love, we find ourselves filled with love.
This is the kingdom of God:  Peace Joy and Righteousness - having it and activating in the lives of other.  Do you need more? Give what you have and you will be given even more.
Carol has learned this, along time ago.

Here is the card:

I wanted to use collage elements for this card and I had a great stamp by Hampton art
Only thing it is a big background stamp on wood and sometimes they can be difficult to get a good impression.  You can see here, not so good.  When I stamped this my thought was I should just have used my press first.

I pulled out my very handy Speedball press.  This little press was designed a "proof" press for letterpress or linoleum cuts.  I used it on my rubber stamps regardless of the mount and I always get a good impression.  Especially with Magenta stamps, the extra fine details can often translate into poor prints.  

Easy to use - no tech!

Much better!

I worked my layers and patterned papers, added gold wink of Stella to the moth - that is a little hard to tell in this pictures.

There it is, I hope the receiver is blessed!
Thanks for stopping by,
Ginny M


Jan Castle said…
Well done Ginny and a great impression....both on the card and I am sure on the guy!
Paper Hugs,
wonderful work sis, love the step by step... etc. thanks so very much for sharing, hugs Shaz.x
Shelly Schmidt said…
Just beautiful! I love the sentiment and your collage- work beautifully together : )
Jennifer said…
Wonderful card! I love the dimensional butterfly but mostly the verse. Yes, great exhortation to seek after the things of God!

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