Pretty with Pink

Still making birthday cards!

This one is special because I made it for my Mothers'  88th Birthday!
My mom is a talented portrait artist and has always loved portraits.
 I too find them so intriguing!

Here is the birthday girl

Happy 88th  Birthday  Mom!

Here is the card:

The first attempt, I really felt it needed more definition with focal point but I did not want to take away from  the delicateness of the image.
I tried an out line first, you couldn't even see it. 

So I went back to the old faithful black liner:
Much better I think.

Here is the finished card:

Thanks for stopping by, I wish you were here I share some birthday cake!!

Ginny M


Carolyn said…
Beautiful card for a beautiful mother. Happy Birthday for your mother.
Send your mom a big birthday wish and hug from me. She's a beautiful woman who raised an amazing daughter. Hugs for the weekend, Crystal
Shelly Schmidt said…
Just gorgeous- and your Mom looks so young in this pic : ) Hope she has a fab celebration!

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