Storms in life

Two weeks ago I posted about a Group event called Creating for Christ, this was referred to me by a good friend.
 I thought this was a great idea and because I am so busy this month I thought it would the perfect time for me to start working on a prayer Journal. I felt from the Lord I was going to need a brake and this would be the tool to help me keep on track. I also wanted to take this as a teaching model, I have a great desire to help women walk in the word, Because simply the Word is life and peace and purpose.

I am going to be candid, Last night I went to bed at 4 am because I was troubled, and wanted to just be awake and think. My little family in the midst of happy times has been hit by a storm of gossip and trouble making. It came from quarters where we have bent over backwards physically and financially to help and be a blessing. I pretty sure everyone here has gone through those times, and forgiveness is always the answer. I got to the forgiving part last night, but I still felt discouraged this morning. I didn't even want to look at the journal that I was already behind on- But I felt the Lord say "get to it". 

The journal is on prayer, and there are scriptures in the group to use but they are not KJV and I found that very distracting. So my prayer was, Lord I really need a little help here I am having a problem focusing. So I went to my scripture box of printed verses that I  use on my cards and the first one was THE scripture I needed to read. I read it twice and felt it wash the discouragement away, renewing the 
Lords' love for me in my heart and renewing purpose in my life. 

So I really did get to it and  just went through the normal struggles I have of creating.

I really felt this whole episode become a very important lesson to me: Trust in the Lord with my whole heart and not look at the wind and the wave. I wonder how many times we need to be reminded of this in the course of our lives? 

It's All In Him.

Trouble comes to all of us, but when you walk in peace with God, it does not stay, Rather it becomes a tool of refining.  Where hurt is intended, it carves deeper into our soul making us able to receive more Love from God.  It makes us wiser, it makes us stronger and in my families case it made us closer.

So here are a few pictures of my journal start.  This is my first time doing this - I've made books for others but never for myself - it is a little scary to me!

I realize I am sharing some very personal thoughts and broadcasting them around the world.  
But that is What Sharing the Gospel is all about - The Good News in Every situation.
The Lord delights in walking WITH us in every situation in our lives, Remember he said "I will send the Comforter" In Him we have peace.
Thanks for stopping by,
Ginny M


Amen sis, to a God be the glory...
For He hears the faintest dry and never ever leaves us alone, truly to Him the glory for watching over us keeping us under his everlasting arms...

What a mercy to cling to in the hurly burly of life.
Gods word.. The Word anchor sure and steadfast.
Shaz in Oz.x

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