Still working on birthday cards

I'm making a little progress it seems in every department, wedding things are all most ready, sorting through the house in anticipation of moving, all most done.  Parties and events in June are about half way through. Our daughters departure for the Air Force is only a few days away, her stuff is stored here to be shipped to her as soon as she is at  her base. 

Somehow in the midst of my busyness, people are still having birthdays, especially in my family! 

Family birthdays, weddings, graduations: they are the hall mark of life 
and I am blessed to have a big happy family! 

Taking a "day off" for normal things like house work, laundry and "batch" cooking is a real pleasure!

I also made a few more birthday cards today, it is so relaxing!

I wanted to show you a card I wanted to make with Washi Tape. I have four  make that three rolls of washi.  I just never use it and it seams so redundant to me.  But I had an idea that I wanted to use a roll for, to bad it didn't work . No problem I just went back to old school basic paper!

Here is the finished card

I wanted to use my washi on that area where the polka dot band is.
BTW the art work on this is not my original.

But this is the condition the washi was in :

Completely useless.  I have had this for about 3 years and it would seem the adhesive on the paper just kinds melted into the paper pulling the surface print off. 

So I just simple cut my own from stash cardstock:

Worked for me.  
I also made a cute little tag / embellishment out of DP

I thought this was such a fun card!!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great day!!

Ginny M 


OMG, a zebra on a blue scooter! Who would have thought?! What a fun image and I laughed hysterically about your washi tape!! Glad to hear you are getting things done. You are so good at that! Hugs, Crystal
Awesome work sis, never heard of washi doing that, but seen some tape do ISO guess old age affected it can so relate to that.
Xxx Shaz. Who's too weary to blog.. Life happens :)

....still haven't sorted out my non subscription suddenly to your posts. Seems it's only me.. Or feedburner with my email addy not being liked all of a sudden.
Mehrll said…
Very cute card. Love the idea for the tag. I will have to try that. Hugs.

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