Stamp tool you can afford.

I have had a stack of beautiful two step stamps and multi layers stamps for a long time, I Love them but I don't love using them.  Especially the wood mounts.  3 years ago I took all of these off the wood blocks and that helped placement quite a bit .  However they were still problematic!  Now there is a stamp tool that is especially helpful for this type of stamping and production card making. Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to purchase that anytime soon.

I came across this video from my friend Lindsay's blog - The Frugal Crafter and this was a true a frugal find!!

Here is that link:

I gave it a shot and here are my results:

a clear ruled sheet, a mush to me

Fun foam

Lovely case

Size of a DVD case

Now to  try it out:

I picked my ancient two step lilac set and papers

Inks to go with it, it has been so long since I have done this kind of stamping, I had to remember which inks go where in the layering.

I used Memento inks for this, but the pads really weren't juicy enough and that was a little problematic

I added a bit of re-positionable tape to the floor of the case to keep the paper from shifting
Lined up mu fist layer

Line up your stamp where you want it place on your card:

 close the lid and the stamp will stick to the "door"
then ink your stamp up,  close the lid.

Give it a little press- this is where you can feel the lack of sturdiness but it still works !

Here is the first layer, now remove and place next paper in the same place.  
Having a grid and re-positionable tape really make this much easier.

you build the layers one sheet at a time.  This tool is really great if you make lots of multiples.

The next thing I did was put a bit of the grid sheet on the inside cover to help keep the sentiment verses straight.  This took me a little tweeking.

Here are my finished cards!

Once I got into a knowing what I was doing grove I really enjoyed this  and I know It will get me back to using my beautiful two step stamps.  
The Misti tool is really a quality item and I will save my laundry change to purchase one , but in the mean time, I will enjoy using this "hack"

Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Wow, these are great cards sis, love the tips. MISTIs here cost $120 plus post so won't ever get one. Not any of these stamps so not worried there. Great verse to complement it too.
Never heard of laundry change, neither... Must be a U.S. thing eh?? Do our own laundry here. ;)
Love Shaz in Oz.x
Hi Ginny, I have heard all about the Misti tool from some of my stampers and learned of this new and cheap "hack." It was neat to see you make one and the grapes you stamped gave me an idea for a current stamp I already have!! Crystal
Jan Castle said…
Nice work Ginny...when you save your pennies, you WILL really enjoy the MISTI - no fault stamping!
Paper Hugs,
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful idea! I too have been wanting a Misti after seeing it used on a lot of videos, but VERY pricey :-( This is AWESOME for the "cd" size stamps. Will definitely be trying this out!

Sherry Heier
Shelly Schmidt said…
I love this tip- I love to watch Lindsay- will have to pop over and see her post. I have a DVD case on my desk to try this- fab idea!!!

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