Our Daily Bread Designs and sentiment stamp storage

I was fortunate to be able to visit the Our Daily Bread Designs  booth at the Heirloom Stamp Show in Springfield MA  two weekends ago, talk about inspiring!!  I think they have the most beautiful sample cards made for their products, always so Amazing!!  While I was there one of the other customers asked me I f I had many of the ODB sets.  I said yes I have all the scripture sets and series, I think I have most of the quote sets  many of the set with pictures.  The gal I was talking to was fairly new to the world of rubber stamping and asked me if I had a good storage solution to keeping these beautiful stamps together and in some kind of easy to use system.

 I promised I would do a short post on my storage for these verse sets and individual  stamps.

Here you go Kathy G, a picture is worth a thousand words!

I laminate 8.5x11 extra heavy cardstock and then cut in half.  This gives me a great "board" to store my unmounted sets.

I stick the label from the packet on one side - or in the case of my older stamps, I went to the website to print an index.

Nice and neat and with these vinyl  job ticket envelopes.

Then  I don't have to worry when something like this happens - stamps flying and not put back into the correct sets.  Great way to loose stamps!

Of course this happened earlier today

Back together in a flash, all my ODB stamps in one location, with indexes!

For my Non ODB single sentiments, I store them in a ring binder in sport card pocket protector sheets.

I can be trickery enough creating, I don't want to add and more stress trying to find something!

Here is a graduation card I made from ODB set  "God Verses"

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you may have found this helpful!
Ginny M


Jan Castle said…
Yes....very helpful Ginny! Thanks for the further explanation!
Paper Hugs,
Shelly Schmidt said…
Love your storage system- and how organized you are! Thanks for sharing your tips : )
This is impressive, Ginny. Thanks for sharing.

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