Word Art Wednesday Challenge and Composite images

Word Art Wednesday has gifted us with another wonderful Scripture verse for our card making and one that will be perfect for fathers day!  Karen Letchworth Also delivers a devotion on just men and not judging people, very inspiring!

The Verse:
 Karen writes in her post about being a just man and the biblical basis for that and the ending results. I'd like to share a different thought about this verse. I'd like to talk about the foot print it leaves.
Simply we all leave a legacy: what we do and who we are will affect generations of our offspring for good or for bad.

This word Man can be used for both gender, I want my kids to know I am a Christian and LOVE the Lord.  I want them to know I am accountable before God for everything I do, think  or say, I am accountable also to them - to not embarrasses the life out of them!  Since Steve and I both had children before we were married we have spent decades of damage control in our childrens' lives.  We have seen first hand what happens when a parent looses integrity, and the devastating affect it has.
How about you, has that been your experience too?

For my card, A little tutorial in composite.

Sometimes people will think using digitals is a easy way out of making a card and not involving to much creativity, and so it can be.  It can also be time consuming and tricky.  The important thing to remember, it isn't really the card that is so important, it is the person receiving it!

I wasn't sure where I wanted to go with this verse, but the visual image I had was of Steve and my kids following behind him, all three love him dearly - He is a wonderful father in every way.  He should teach classes at husband and father school!

I didn't have an image in my rubber collection of modern men that was suitable so I found one on line and then one of a young boy, they actually resemble Steve and both the boys (now 21+30) when they were young!

These are both fashion copywrite free images, I tweeked them a bit, the man had crazy hair.

I put them together using a bit of perspective and added the verse

Then I tried adding definition lines and an element in the white space

Really too blah

I tried collage and a bit of texture paste and that was only a mess.

So I decided it needed more structured background
and found this image

I changed the color, cropped and washed it out by increasing the transparency

I put my men in the picture and tweeked the body placement

framed it up and  fussy cut the people and added dimensional tape

And here is my finished card:

It took me about an hour to make and during that time I really thought on that verse and how much i want to be that just person, it was a great hour!

I want to be that Just person and have Integrity with God, I want my kids to be proud I am their mother.  When my days here are done and I stand before God, I want to hear "Well Done"!                   Don't you?

I highly recommend you go over to Word Art Wednesday  read Karen's devotion and then make a card to enter the challenge.  Great for up coming fathers day!

Thank you for stopping by
Ginny M


Wonderful post Ginny with many precious thoughts and love the assemblage step by steps ...

And, yes I get how it happens..like a lot of creativity it is trial and error with good lashings of prayer thrown in,
Hugs, Shaz in Ozx.
If at first..... The results are splendid. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely creation with us this week at Word Art Wednesday on our 187th Challenge.
Blessings, Carole
Steven Maxam said…
Sweetheart, this card really came out great. I love the way the two males stand out and the faded look of the background. Just a great card !!
Shelly Schmidt said…
This is an amazing image Dad and child image, and the two of these images together is just beautiful- May I use this one on a card for my Dad???

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