Angry Squirrel and botanical freebies

I think I may have come up with a new craze - Angry Squirrel!    On my front Balcony I have a lovely potted Myer lemon tree lemon. We purchased this tree on the second weekend we were here at Texas Traders (open air flea market).  My plan was to have beautiful Meyer lemons to make lemon curd and sliced lemons for water and general cooking.  All was well, the tree was very fruitful with about 5 lemons just starting ripen and a bunch of baby's on their way.  That was yesterday at 12:30.  I left the apartment to go to a thanksgiving lunch.  On my way back at about 2  I see three of my lemons on the ground (they were just stating to show yellow, no way they fall because they were ripe)  I went back into the apartment onto the balcony and see there is only one lemon left on the tree and on one the floor.  I pick up the lemon and I understand exactly what happened.


                                                                   Angry Squirrel

When I came back in to photo this I hear something on the balcony, and there it was the squirrel, He was at my tree giving it a shake down!

I shooed him away and no further mishaps!

I'm going to have to move the tree I think!!

Texan Squirrels don't like lemons.

I'm leaving you with a lemon illustration and a vintage lemon fabric back ground!

Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Maureen R said…
Oh my goodness, that little stinker! You may have to resort to a net over your tree, LOL
Hugs, Maureen
Maureen R said…
Oh my goodness, that little stinker! You may have to resort to a net over your tree, LOL
Hugs, Maureen
Marilyn Mathis said…
Squirrels are quite persistent as pests. We lose lots of pecans to the squirrels, grapes to the birds and leaves of okra to the deer. Hope you can keep them from the tree. Hugs.
Crystal Komara said…
Hi Ginny, so nice to see you back online here! You know, I think squirrels are so darn cute, but, yes a bit destructive too! Hope you find another solution for your lemon tree. Big hugs, Crystal
SUdem Stamper said…
Denise can join you in the squirrel "battle"! She's trapped about a dozen in her house so far. I hope it's not the same ones returning for more!
JD/ Jill said…
Thank you so much for the images. I just had to save them because I shared a great squirrel story on my blog too. My friend had one come into her home and climb her fake tree in the livingroom, The squirrel really scared her daughter because she was at home alone with her baby. She ended up carrying the tree (with the squirrel still clinging to it...out into her yard) More to the story than that...but that's the a shortened version. We are still laughing about it, and constantly send each other squirrel images now. So you know, your image will be sent to her.
JD/ Jill said…
If you want to read about my squirrel story here's the link...(I think you will agree that you can
Unknown said…
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