We Made It! the tale and a freebie

We arrived three weeks ago the beautiful City of San Antonio in Southwest Texas.  We drove 2200 miles in three days no problems, no wrong exits, no wrong turns , no navigator and only a couple of close calls. We moved into our new apartment the day we got here, and then waited a week for the movers:

We are on the third floor, and that has been good for my figure,  Our view from the from front balcony:

From the back balcony a more city view with the western mountains far in the back ground.

It's a huge change, from evergreens to palm trees.  From a very full nest, to a honeymoon suite.
We haven't done a lot of exploring (but we will), we got here and we spent the first week sick and trying to figure out the insane road system.  
Second week Steve started his new Job and the movers came.
We are thankful for the good job and it's opportunities.  Steve was able to stay in his career field and advance.  So many retirees find them selves in jobs that fall far below the skill sets earned in military life.  Here we have an opportunity to continue growing. 

Everything arrived in good shape from the movers, Not a great experience: after all was said and done we paid about twice the "binding" estimate. Lessons learned!

I have a new craft room and I am trying to remember how I make cards, I feel all thumbs at the moment!

And a great place to spend a Saturday with Steve selling in an awesome outdoor venue:

We have found a new church home:
It is pretty amazing!

This is really a new volume in our lives and we are creating our new normal.  We are thankful and happy.  It goes without saying we deeply miss our family and friends, but we have felt it was the Lord that opened this door for us, who knows how long we will be here.   As Colin Powell says, We got off the train at the right time and the right station and got on the next train to take us on this part of our journey.  So many people flounder at this point in their lives.  We feel like we've accomplished what we had hoped to in our younger years: we raised our kids and now enjoy having wonderful deeply satisfying relationships with them.  They all made it, they all found the beat of their lives and are living with the gifts God gave them and are happy and blessed. There is peace and strength with our parents and our siblings, We are happy and in good health.

So Now we "Pony up" to see where this train takes us!

This I remember how to do!!

Thanks for stopping by after my long absence!
Ginny M


Unknown said…
What a great space Ginny and what a beautiful city! Thanks for sharing!
Shelly Schmidt said…
Beautiful pictures- oh I can feel the warm : ) Your creative space is soooo organized in the bins! Wow! I think you will adjust quickly and hope your Mojo surfaces quickly!
Welcome back Ginnny, love your work space.. well done, blessed indeed but lots of work there.
Couldn't see the image, city view from back balcony with the mountains in background. Maybe wasn't looking hard enough? Shaz in Oz.x
Anne said…
I think you have landed on your feet for certain....I'm fighting back the green envy monster....!!!!! Are you staying there for good or do you plan to buy in the future? Whatever your plans, enjoy your time there and the warmer winters. Be warned though, my Aunt was telling me of their first snow a few years ago in Houston....!!!!

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