Second Yellow Block

I finished my second Yellow Block and have it ready for the morning mail.  This was the block I was working on the butterfly and decided I needed to go back to the drawing board.  I am happy with the way the second butterfly came out well enough and it restored confidence on my hand embroidery.   I was feeling a bit bad about not having my Singer Futura Embroidery machine.  I could have done up a butterfly in 30 minutes.  Instead, this one took my 6 hours. But I enjoyed it and embroidery is like any other Craft, practice makes perfect and I need practice!!  Here is the process and the block:

Stamped my image:  Note, the Adia cloth really wasn't the best fabric for this.

I hooped it - the fabric was too small, the tension was not tight enough.  I made it work

Here it is all stitched out.  This needed to be predominantly yellow
I couched the gold thread down to the edge. 

I cut the butterfly from the fabric and added a layer of PVC glue to the back.  This sealed the thread and created a handmade "patch"

On my block section, I stitched down this pretty yellow lace and added beads, placed the butterfly and created a gold "flight" pattern out of gold cord and also used that in a seam treatment.

The rest of the embroidery

This is such a pleasant skill and hobby.  In our screaming hi-tech world, this is a pleasant and low-cost hobby.

Thanks for stopping by and Have a great day!!
Ginny M


Steven M said…
Came out Beautiful :)
Steven M said…
Came out Beautiful :)
Marilyn Mathis said…

These are beautiful.
Fabulous butterfly Ginny - I do love what you are doing on this crazy patchwork, and placing the butterfly against the (beaded) lace is fabulous.
Crystal Komara said…
Hi Ginny! I hope all is well! I have been so impressed with your embroidery work as of late. These are all beautiful. Hope you are doing well. Miss you lots, Crystal
Unknown said…
Such marvellous creativity!!
Something to aspire to👌👏.

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