What's on Your WorkDesk Wednesday#370 and Black Beauty

Today's work desk is a totally different post for me.  Last week Steve and I went to an estate sale and FINALLY I found a used sewing machine here in San Antonio!  There were actually a few but I picked a Singer 201 and a cabinet.  the price went from 165.00 to 65.00 I really felt like given the state of the machine it shouldn't have gone over $50.00 How ever this particular machine is one that I needed for work sewing and thread painting.

here is a photo of one in very nice condition:

Before I show you mine and my workdesk, let me tell you what happened when I got the machine home.

The machine has the foot controller hard wired to the machine, so it was there.  The power cord was not!  So I borrowed one from another machine and ordered the cord ($12.00)  The machine ran great!  But the cabinet was missing the hinge pins! 

So I ordered those ($7.00)  and rigged the machine to sit in the hole so I could use it - I have done this many times before with other machines, it usually works just fine.

Well not this time, I stood up and lightly bumped the cabinet and Bang the machine fell through the hole and it the floor!!  First time for everything I guess!

The machine was fine!  However the bake light plug was crushed ( this was the borrowed power cord)  No surprise this machine is 40lbs of cast iron!

If I named sewing machine  - I don't , but if I did this would be Black Beauty.

The machine has really been used and abused:

for some unknown reason:
the lamp shade has been sawed in half

And the foot pedal has had the toe rest sliced off??

The decals are all gone:

This is one used machine!!

Today the new power cord arrived and my hinge pins!
Here she is all tucked up in her new cabinet!!

Cleaned, oiled and given a little TLC!

 It sews perfectly and has a very good motor.  This machine will sew 1200 stitches a minute!
I can't wait to start thread painting with this machine!!
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Oh Ginny this takes me back to my mother's sewing machine... it was a post war Singer, I think called a Jubilee model, and was robust enough to be able to have a motor attached in the late 50's. It sewed for many years and did many miles of sewing on it. Unfortunately I was unable to keep it and it had to be sold :-(.
I do love you post about this beauty, and all your comments about it - yours certainly has had a hard life, but Singer is always a great machine.
Oh I'm so glad you've got it up and running - I like the bit where it fell through the hole. I learned to sew on an old Singer treadle machine when I was about 6 - I hope your tensions work a lot better on yours. Have fun with Black Beauty x Jackie 14
Lunch Lady Jan said…
What a WONDERFUL post - I really enjoyed reading it. You did well to persevere and get it running but I love all the personal touches about it, where someone has used that machine hard for many years. What a story it could tell - I'm so glad you rescued it :-)
Hugs, LLJ xxx
shazsilverwolf said…
Hi Ginny, what a life that machine must have led! And how marvellous you have been able to get the bits it needed to make it whole again. That really surprised me, I must say. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #5 xxx
Sharon said…
What a beautiful sewing machine. Imagine the history of that machine - who used it? What was it used for? There's a whole story in that wonderful machine.

Sharon K #27
April said…
Congrats on your purchase. I hope you share what thread painting is. :-)
April #32
Dorlene Durham said…
Wow. This is just gorgeous. Have fun with it. Dorlene #35
BJ said…
WOW what a story. I have my late Grand Mother's old hand Singer machine with its rounded wooden case. I don't use it but love it. BJ#25
craftyani said…
I have a very old SInger industrial machine and when I am sewing often wonder who else has sat in front of it and what did they make. Wouldn't be without it you can keep all the modern machines and I have about 5 plus overlocker. My mum always swore by her Jones hand machine and made covers bedspreads eiderdowns etc.
Lori said…
Ginny, I have a 1906 Singer sewing machine! It does not have a motor. It is run by belt and foot pedal! Lots of exercise there! My machine is in its original cabinet and I even have the original instruction booklet. all in fabulous condition! My husband and I found it in 1989 at an antique shop in California, when we lived there! I don't remember what we paid for it though. Anyway, I did not know that they came with motors. I wonder what year they added motors to them. Happy Sewing! Hugs Lori
Pleased to hear the machine is working well. I was worried when you said it had dropped but luckily it went straight down as falling over can damage the take up bar. I learnt to sew on an old hand cranked Jones. Hope you have a great belated woyww and happy crafting, Angela x
Sofie V said…
Congrats on your purchase! What is thread painting? I have never heard that expression.

Greetings, Sofie #45
ToadilyDiane said…
I do not know what thread painting is, but I'm so happy you found a machine for it. You could also use it as a weapon! don't let it fall on your foot! LOL
Have a great day!
Diane #24
dmgarafalo said…
You never cease to amaze me my dear friend, awesome work with the machine. so what is thread painting - dare I ask? I had time to post, but not make the rounds til now. donna #34

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