Butterfly # 4

This week I worked on butterfly #4.  This particular butterfly will be part of a seam treatment for a Round Robin Color Study I am doing for the CQ4N. if you would be interested in joining a Yahoo Crazy quilt group, let me know in the comments and I will send you the info!

Here is the process:

Lovely Stamp by Le Blanche Stamps:

The hooped fabric:

This was a nice cloth, but not suitable at all for these butterflies. The problem was the weave was to open and did not have enough body - lesson learned 

I used sewing thread for this butterfly: cotton and silk.

Here it is snipped from the ground cloth and backed  as part of a seam treatment.

This is about 2.5 inches wide

I learned a lot stitching this butterfly and I look forward to doing my next one!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you have had a nice weekend!
Ginny M


What a pretty result Ginny - love it set against the dark lace and the soft gray background.
Maddie Can Fly said…
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Maddie Can Fly said…
Well, my brain is faster than my fingers (or else I'm not awake yet). Beautiful BUTTERFLY

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