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Steve has had a class all week  and while he has been at school I've been trying to get my craft room configured to do everything I want to do:  make cards and paper crafting, embroidery and crazy quilting, quilting, garment sewing and work sewing.  Um, the room is 12x12.  It is a daunting challenge and I'm not sure I am going to succeed.  I will give it a try.

 I thought a break might be nice yesterday, so when steve came home yesterday we went out for a ride and to a very beautiful shopping place in north San Antonio.  La Cantera is a shopping place with top brand stores and grounds that are like a botanical garden, great place to shop and get in a couple miles of walking.  We did both.
I stopped at a kitchen shop and picked up this fun tool and then  at Barnes and Nobel,  new cookbook:

Both of these were only 9.95 each so I felt like I got a bargain.  

I have kitchen aid attachments  for  pasta sheets, linguini, tagliatelle and something that looks like a square spaghetti.  I also have an Atlas hand crank I can make  homemade ravioli with but nothing  that can produce a tube style.  With this gizmo, I can make Gnocchi and a few different hand rolled tube styles.   I had the old style kitchen aid pasta extruder and I think I threw it out.  It was a total waste of time and money.  If you are thinking of purchasing the old style, I would say keep saving for the new one and watch the reviews. 

Homemade pasta is so delicious and can be good for you, I use whole grains and add spinach and other things to make it yummy and nutritious.  a few nights ago, I cooked up a batch of boxed pasta and while the dinner was great, the pasta was noticeably deficient taste and texture wise. 

I purchased this book mainly for the wonderful pictures and sauce ideas, over 200 recipes.
It was in the bargain section at Barnes and Nobel.

And while I was sorting my craft room I came across this cook book for my Vitamix. Yay!

All  has a great tutorial on making homemade pasta

this is a simple art with a little bit of effort and practice you will have a delicious meal for you and your family!  It is worth the effort!!

Thanks for stopping by,
Ginny M


Steven M said…
Hun, I am glad you have fun with the things you buy that make our lives better. Thank you so much :)
You are inspiring the way you cook and make sure everything is nutritious for you and Steve. I am not quite that conscientious but I do try to have plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables :-)

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