Making Great Scrap cards!

Every Thursday I host 'Thursday Night Leftovers' on my Facebook Christian Card Makers group.  The idea is to make great cards using all those leftover bits.  Personally,  I don't have the space or the desire to store a ton of scraps.  If you do then here is a great spot on Pinterest for storing them.
Some of you will think I am a terrible waster of good papers, so if you are inclined to save everything, Stop reading here.  But id you are like me and want to make lovely cards with your bits keep reading - especially new card makers!

To me, this is still to many:

I think you have to decide first what type of bit you will hold onto.

This would be a no for me:

This would be a yes:

I don't do a lot of cards with punched objects, but I do like butterflies and papers like the ones above are great for sweet little butterflies 

That I will store in a small ramekin and the use

I will use sketch patterns too, my own or one from an internet site

You want the same things in your "scrap cards" you do in your regular cards: Quality paper - never use anything that is damaged - unless you want a distressed look
Good composition: a must!  Sketches will help you use the bits for the best composition!
and of course, make it with lots of Love!
Every card should be made with lots of love - for the person that is going to receive it!
you NEVER want your card to look like it was made with Scraps!
It is okay to toss the "fails"!

Here is a card I made from my scrap basket just for this little tutorial:

I pulled papers from my scrap basket - the images and colors help me to "picture" what I want my card to say and look like.

I pulled a printed butterfly from my little drawer of leftover printed or stamped images

Coloring to coordinate  with the papers

I fussy cut the sunflower and saved this little bit for the inside corner of the card

a little sparkle

And here it is:

everything in this card was a bit except the base.  The sentiment was a left over, the ribbon was an end to small to tie.
 I have a very small space -2 12x13 Sterilite drawers to store printed/stamped leftovers, and fiber leftovers plus the small shoe box size basket for the paper scraps.  By going at it every week I can keep the volume down and the quality up.  What do you think does it look like a scrap card?  Don't be afraid to toss paper away, don't hold onto the bits unless they "speak to you" in some way. otherwise, you could end up with a mountain of paper that squats on precious craft room real estate!
Have a great day and stop over to Christian Card Makers if belonging to a group with the purpose of encouragement interests you!
Ginny M


Unknown said…
Beautiful card! Hard to believe it is scrap stuff!
Elizabeth said…
Great post and fabulous card. The butterfly is beautiful. xx
Esther Asbury said…
I hate throwing stuff away, so I save and use scraps a lot. If my stash gets too big, I give a stack of it to a friend who's just starting out in card making. She loves it!
Love your pretty sunflower card...great use of your leftovers.
What a stunning card Ginny - and thanks for all your tips
Maria Pilar said…
So cute card Ginny! thank you for your step by step!
Unknown said…
Just gorgeous Ginny! Doesn't look like a scrap card to me!!
Tracy said…
Absolutely inspiring

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