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Way back in the late 1980's when I really dove head first into stamping there was a real dearth of supplies to be had.  Non - cute images were rare and hard to come by, finding fonts in rubber were just about impossible!
Then came the Word Processors and the PC; acquiring a pc in 1994 revolutionized my stamping. The program called Ami Pro launched me into the world of digital Calligraphy and card making. I had practiced with ink and nib for years, but no amount of practice could conjure up what                        
My first computer which was loaded with 240 megs of hard drive space and 36 megs of ram, since then my machines and skills have evolved with the ever changing technologies.  I am so glad I spent those early years learning how DOS and Windows worked; working on the mother boards my self, continuing  upgrades and pursuing of all things in making my printed voice heard, if you know what I mean. 
 Did any of you go to the computer shows??

Thankfully I've come a long way!!
With  the invention of the internet the word 'Free' was re-invented.  I used to pay for fonts, even using Share ware they weren't cheap!  Now fonts are free by the droves!!
Scrapbooking papers and supplies also made a night in day difference in our stampy world! 
Exotic papers had to be purchased in exotic places, now all we need to do is be site savvy!
Personally I love it!! 
Today I thought I share a few links with my readers of a few places to get quality items at no cost.
I also added these places to my side bar.
For wonderful Scripture Digital stamps go here
Karen also has a wonderful Etsy sight  with her creations and more digitized word!
For Free Fonts for card making and scrapbooking:
For images and inspiration
More Free Images:
Really the Mother Load
These site will provide you with tools and Inspiration!
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Yippee! Yay! I can now leave comments on your blog! Oh my goodness, thanks for the 80's flashback with that "green screen" computer - which is the first Apple I learned on!! We sure have come a LONG way. . .

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