Happy Saturday and scrap challenge!

I love the weekends, don't we all! 
One weekend a month my husband is on "drill", when Steve is on drill I spend my Saturday as a volunteer at a local shop that supports a ministry to feed those in need.
I enjoy the Gals that I work with very much and the time goes by fast!  This is that weekend for us and I have to say I'm really having a good time in my craft room and I know I won't want to brave the bad weather we are having and go to work.  I'm a wimp.
I'm still working on my Christmas cards, they are done and now I have to address them and get them in the mail.  Hopefully tomorrow!

I thought I'd show you a few cards I've made this week that weren't Christmas themed.

For an Oriental Stamp Arts Swap - the theme is black plus gold

 For an Oriental Stamp Arts Swap - the theme is black plus silver
For an Oriental Stamp Arts Swap - the theme is black plus brown
For an Oriental  Stamp Arts Swap- Panda theme
  I've come up with a little challenge for myself, to de-clutter and keep the scraps under control. I think I'll dedicate my weekend craft time to clearing out things and not starting new projects.  This seems like a good use of time and supplies.
I've tossed everything in to one container and will make cards from this mini stash and then toss the rest on Monday. 
I do have drawers for scrap paper, but if I could eliminate those and get more cards made I would be very happy!!
Looks like I have the bits for a few more cards, I'll make this a Monday posting.
Last night in the wee hours I made 5 cards from "scraps"

I'm also working at getting my craft room in better order, seems like I have lots of little things in disarray.  I've gotten a lot done today including cleaning up my computer and backing up files!!. 
I alpha ordered my scripture box, these are scriptures that I have printed and organized:
Oops this is the before photo!!
This makes it much easier for me to find what I am looking for when I need a sentiment.
I redid some of my supply shelves to make things less visually cluttered;
Colored card stock for layering and
my cut 12x12 pads into 6x6 pads
Below that  my company cut 6x6 pads and 8x8 and a few other sizes
The shelves are really nice and straight, it's just the photographer (me).
I love working from these 6x6 pads!
My card base Card stock - uncut
This was jammed up with shipping supplies, I moved those to a closet and  put my un-cut 12x12
My Friend Lori Kinney made that beautiful cross stich sampler for me!!
Tidied my cut cardstock and envelopes. A2, A5, A6, A7 sizes
The closet where I keep all my ribbon, fibers, shipping and cleaning supplies:
 Last but not least my desk ready for the next time!
Thanks for stopping by I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Ginny M


Jan Castle said…
Can Ginny come to play at my house and help me organize???? You are to be congratulated!!!! Good job!
Love those cards made with scraps and the OSA ones... and great tidy up what room would love to come and play! Shaz in oz.x
Cindy said…
Good for you! My cads JUST went out today. I've been cleaning my area bit by bit, but it needs more sessions. You've convinced me to go do a bit more... Hugs! Cindy Connell

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