How Busy Is Your Weekend?

I know everyone is pretty straight out right now with Christmas around the Holiday!  Steve and I went Caroling with friends at a nursing home this morning, We had a good time, there were lots of residents there and we had about 24 singers, accordion, trumpet, 2 sax's, Steve played his Trombone, conga's and a tambourine.  For a production with no rehearsal it turned out great!
I'm Christmas shopping and I finally got my tree up last night.
For Crafting, my' Use It Up' bin looks like this :
Lot of great pieces in there and a scrape book magazine, I need to come up with a mini album for 1/4/14. I've never done one before - Gulp!!
Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Jan Castle said…
You will do a great always do!!!
Shelly Schmidt said…
I am sure it will be fab- looks like you have some great DP to choose from! How fun to go caroling: )
Davi said…
As beautiful as your cards are Im sure you will have no prob with the album!!

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