Two days before Christmas and OSA

Two days before Christmas and I am still making gifts, how about you?
I made Zero cards for my Use It Up challenge this weekend, too busy!
I can't show you the things I've made for this Christmas, no sneak peeks!! 
 I Did make a set of cards for an Oriental Stamps Arts Challenge (OSA) ,  that I can show you!!
This challenge is called the Black plus One color challenge.   Like the name you make one black plus what ever the month color is - this year was a little different, it was black plus shades of one color.  I signed up for the whole year-I think this is my favorite swap.  The black plus one swap forces you to  work the theme and produce something that is not totally drab!  Last year I had a theme for my cards and I did the same for this years.  Making the whole batch at once was a new idea for me.  Now the swap is done and photographed so all I have to do is wait to get notice of my partner for the month and off it will go!
I used Kromakote paper and inked the center focal paper to the months' color and built the card from there.  I selected all papers and stamps ahead of time.  The total time to make these 12 cards was about 4 hours, I relaxed and enjoyed the process!  So here the are, the "Black plus shades of color" swap.  All of the stamps I used were from the company Art Neko. The Art Neko stamp company has by far the best selection of Asian stamps and the quality is the best. I highly recommend their stamps.  I included a link if you'd like to browse their offerings! Another plus, there is always a sale going on and you can't beat the customer service.
January - shades of Purple
February Shades of Olive
 March - Shades of Chocolate
 April - Shades of Coral
May - Shades of Green
June Shades of Tan
July - Shades of Turquoise
 August Shades of Blue
 September- Shades of Grey
October- Shades of yellow (this is very yellow in real life)
November- Shades Pink
December- Shades of Red


 They look like pretty jewels on my work table!
I hope you are enjoying  you holiday season,  and will have time with your family and friends.
While I love the "joy of the season", I am passionate about the Reason for the season and that is all year long and grows stronger (unlike the 'Christmas Holiday') the older I get.  It seems with each passing year the Love of God  reaches deeper into my heart and burns brighter.
The Bible seems dearer with each passing day and like King David, I think                                          " Lord lead me in The Way Ever Lasting"!
Bon Natalie
Ginny M


Jan Castle said…
What a fabulous idea Ginny!!!! I think I could handle that myself - LOL! Nice to see the entire year at one time too...must give a good feeling of accomplishment! Certainly would be enjoyable to participate and know you are covered and don't have to stress to get your card done!
Christmas Blessings,
Hi Ginny, what a fabulous array of cards! I especially liked January's and October's, but they are all beautiful. Merry Christmas to you!

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