Monday, December 23, 2013

Two days before Christmas and OSA

Two days before Christmas and I am still making gifts, how about you?
I made Zero cards for my Use It Up challenge this weekend, too busy!
I can't show you the things I've made for this Christmas, no sneak peeks!! 
 I Did make a set of cards for an Oriental Stamps Arts Challenge (OSA) ,  that I can show you!!
This challenge is called the Black plus One color challenge.   Like the name you make one black plus what ever the month color is - this year was a little different, it was black plus shades of one color.  I signed up for the whole year-I think this is my favorite swap.  The black plus one swap forces you to  work the theme and produce something that is not totally drab!  Last year I had a theme for my cards and I did the same for this years.  Making the whole batch at once was a new idea for me.  Now the swap is done and photographed so all I have to do is wait to get notice of my partner for the month and off it will go!
I used Kromakote paper and inked the center focal paper to the months' color and built the card from there.  I selected all papers and stamps ahead of time.  The total time to make these 12 cards was about 4 hours, I relaxed and enjoyed the process!  So here the are, the "Black plus shades of color" swap.  All of the stamps I used were from the company Art Neko. The Art Neko stamp company has by far the best selection of Asian stamps and the quality is the best. I highly recommend their stamps.  I included a link if you'd like to browse their offerings! Another plus, there is always a sale going on and you can't beat the customer service.
January - shades of Purple
February Shades of Olive
 March - Shades of Chocolate
 April - Shades of Coral
May - Shades of Green
June Shades of Tan
July - Shades of Turquoise
 August Shades of Blue
 September- Shades of Grey
October- Shades of yellow (this is very yellow in real life)
November- Shades Pink
December- Shades of Red


 They look like pretty jewels on my work table!
I hope you are enjoying  you holiday season,  and will have time with your family and friends.
While I love the "joy of the season", I am passionate about the Reason for the season and that is all year long and grows stronger (unlike the 'Christmas Holiday') the older I get.  It seems with each passing year the Love of God  reaches deeper into my heart and burns brighter.
The Bible seems dearer with each passing day and like King David, I think                                          " Lord lead me in The Way Ever Lasting"!
Bon Natalie
Ginny M


Jan Castle said...

What a fabulous idea Ginny!!!! I think I could handle that myself - LOL! Nice to see the entire year at one time too...must give a good feeling of accomplishment! Certainly would be enjoyable to participate and know you are covered and don't have to stress to get your card done!
Christmas Blessings,

Super Stamp Girl said...

Hi Ginny, what a fabulous array of cards! I especially liked January's and October's, but they are all beautiful. Merry Christmas to you!