Word Art Wednesday and Herb Patience

Over at Word Art Wednesday we have a beautiful new scripture stamp created by Karen Murray. This stamp is free for you to enjoy and even enter in a contest at Word Art Wednesday!  Please take the time to read Karen Letchworth's beautiful devotion!
You will also enjoy the designer team's cards and fellow card-maker entries!

On the technical side and I hope this helps you, I have had a problem with some of the scriptures digital quality.  I know it was not the images themselves as Karen M is an expert at this.
This verse here is blurry but

after playing around a bit I realized my problem: I was simply copying and pasting the verse.  You need to follow the instructions and down load the verse.  I'm thinking of a D word  "DUH"

you probably can't see the difference in these images, but there was a big difference in the quality, using the cut and paste image was totally unacceptable in quality.  The downloaded version was beautiful and crisp!  Another hint; I switched my printer to black and white when I am doing these, the words are blacker and you are not using colored ink.
For my card this week The word Patience created a picture in my mind, it is an English herb!!
I have a digital book of Herbs and was fortunate to find an image of the 'Patience" plant there and that is what I built my card around!

I printed off four images to color, this is on an ecru speckled paper.
Pretty plant isn't it!
Card parts:
 Coloring pencils, mineral spirits and a little bit of chalk.
Oops!!!  To far into the card and I didn't have another piece of the green!!
I was fitting layers and using the Genesis cutter when I felt that the layer I was measuring and cutting didn't seem right, Yep, sliced right through the facing!!
Can't let a little "slice the thing in two" stop you!!

I also added a coat of glossy accents over the plant to give it a bit of pop.
The slice is well adhered and hidden under the ribbon.
The card is 5x7, the base is Strathmore 110# antique white paper.
This is last week's verse that I made a card with:
Also made with Strathmore 110# and 5x7
I think we hear a lot of jesting about acquiring more patience in our lives.  Patience does not come from tribulations, it comes from TRUSTING in the Lord and Knowing he has our best in His mind and plan.  The more we trust; the more patient we become , which allows us to trust more.
Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day!
Ginny M


ah, Ginny, smiled when realsied you copied and pasted image.
So easy to fall into that trap.

I also find if you go over to Karen's site as opposed to Word Art post they download a larger size not sure why but always go over there ..
..the recent ones aren't not always there though..

Love how you rescued the card and using the patience image is fab!! well done!! oh that we would show more patience..Love Shaz in oz.x
Laura Lunsford said…
Beautiful card! I just love your coloring of the plant and your photos are so helpful! Glad it all worked out with the printing of the text, because it looks so nice on your card. Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us at Word Art Wednesday and look forward to seeing more of your lovely creations again soon. Have a blessed week! Laura
Stephanie said…
What a beautiful card! I'm glad you figured out the problem with the quality issue and that it was a simple fix. Thanks also for the tip on printing in black/white. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Word Art Wednesday.

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