Birds and Flowers

Busy day here doing Maxam Made Studio stuff and it's also my day with my Mom!  I'm getting stacks and cases of paper ready to be cut for kits to put in the studio, not only do I have a ton of paper to cut, but I have to find someplace to put it and the kits!! 
Since you were so kind to take the time to see what I was doing here I wanted to make sure I left you something nice!   So here are two sets of freebies:  Birds and flowers!

The Birds are Audubon Illustrations , you can read here about Mr. Audubon.   His major work, a color-plate book entitled The Birds of America (1827–1839), is considered one of the finest ornithological works ever completed. Audubon identified 25 new species!  Here are two of them:


I thought these illustrations would look awesome printed out in half tones as background.
and these to color or not:
Wouldn't these look great with the flowers also printed on designer paper, cut out and placed on top of the square? Great Focal or back ground.
I made this really fast to demonstrate what I was talking about with the popped image:
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you like the images!
Have a great day!
Ginny M


Ah Ginny tomorrow when on computer tomorrow must save those images..
They are all so special
Love your quickie card great idea. Love the long one.
Maty God bless you and your dear mum in your day. Happy memorial day too..may we never forget those who paid the highest price.
Shaz in Oz. X
Gracie CH said…
These are so pretty Ginny! Wonderful! Thanks.

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