Card making is an ever evolving craft, that is half the fun of it!  Trying new things and seeing progress in our skill.  I developed a series of vignettes for my friend Jennifer's face book group "Addicted to Card Making"   These vignettes represent 6 keys things that I have learned in my card making. 

Here is a very early card of mine:

a more recent one:

There were two things that happened between these pictures :  Experiment and Practice.  Lots and lots of both!  Here are my keys:  The order is random,

 Feel free if you'd like to use these, a link back here would be appreciated! If I can change my layout I will make these a more permanent part of my blog.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you can find this useful!
Ginny M


a sensible but clear explanation, dear Ginny!

.. thank you so much for sharing your tips cant beat them.. must admit would like to add one..

#prayer.. I always pray about creations, sceptically find it helps the inspiration block and am sure you use that too!
hugs, Shaz in oz.x

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