Couple of orginizational projects!

Busy day at work today and running around, but I did squeak in a few projects!

My daughter gave me her spice rack, and I thought hum, how can I best use this - in my craft room!!  The spices were good, so I just added them to the container system I already use.

Washing them all
The rack
The finished glitter and microbead rack:
I don't use a lot of dry glitter, but I do love the microbeads!!  This has room to grow!
Next project was little set of shelves I brought home from work, this was originally built to store ink jars on, it is in new condition and I am storing some of my 4x4 stamps.
The back is closed so these stamps won't fall through!
Last and least I made a card with a G45 digi
I hope you have a pair of sharp scissors, some pretty paper and a lot of chocolate!
Tomorrow I have two cards I'm entering in card challenges, Fun!! I haven't done that in a long time!
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!
Ginny M



mm lot of chocolate, Ginny, am with you on that.. now tell me ..

oh, and when come I come to your work and pick and some shelves like that!

wow, gotta love them!

.. my dads shelf for spice is now my ribbon store.. Shaz in Oz.x

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