Memorial Day

We give thanks by honoring those who have served. Many have come before us and many will come after but ALL need our prayers. Will you help me pray for our military members while giving them "thanks" for their service and time(s) away from family. They gave selflessly in this "all voluntary" military expecting nothing, the least we can give them is our honor and prayers.
~Steve Maxam


misteejay said…
We don't have Memorial Day here in the UK but there is due to be a large Armed Forces event near where I live at the end of June.

Having family in the forces I will be there proudly supporting the lads & lasses that service our country so well.

Toni xx
we remember twice a year here on Anzac day is the big one (25th April - Gallipoli landing WWI)and also Armistice Day on 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month each year - remember when WWII ended... so yes, Ginny, I join with you in giving thanks to God for the freedoms we enjoy purchased at such great cost and still being fought for today.
May God bless keep and save them all, Shaz in Oz.x
Eliza said…
Shaz spelt out what we do here in Australia but I know what these brave mean and women have sacrificed first hand. Each and everyday I think of the people still serving all over the world. I'm a former DOD Member.

Bless them all


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