The Most Important Tip

My last post I used 6 vignettes of crafty tips for card makers.  They were good solid crafty tips but I forgot to put the most important one and my dear friend Shaz from Oz left me this comment :
.. thank you so much for sharing your tips cant beat them.. must admit would like to add one..
#7prayer.. I always pray about creations, I specifically find it helps the inspiration block and am sure you use that too!
hugs, Shaz in oz.x.
Yes Shaz, I do pray about my art work, I've been praying a long time and I seek God in every card I make. On the back of every card I have a verse "I am The Way, The Truth and The Life"  I pray everyone that reads that feel the Love God is offering them.  I also have my name, every card is personal even when I am making cards to sell I ask God to reach forward to who ever this card is going to and bless them.  It is why I make cards. 
It is  very easy for any hobby to become an idol, and that is the last thing I want happening here.
The bible says in Deuteronomy : The LORD thy God may bless thee in all the work of thine hand which thou doest.
I pray that for myself and I pray that for you, that the works of your hands bring life and peace and encouragement.
Thank you Shaz for the reminder of the most important Tip: Prayer!

Thanks for Stopping by!  Enjoy your Sunday!
Ginny M


ah thanks Ginny :D... must admit am very grateful to the LORD so often in my card making .. and all parts of life.. for "without Him I can do nothing".
Thank you for the blessing of your friendship and this great blog.. constantly useful in inspiration too, Shaz in oz.x

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