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After searching the Heirloom stamp show for decent papers and finding NONE - Marco's always has tons of cards stock of great quality- But I was looking for hand made papers something out of the ordinary - I could not find even one sheet of washi!  (In case my dear editor is reading this: I know that may have been my longest run-on sentence to date.)

So I thought when I got home I really need to break out my beautiful background stamps and make my backgrounds.  Which is why I bought them of course.  My problem I I like digital images  and designer papers as much as I do hand stamped  - too much candy in the candy store. No wait I did NOT say that!

Here is a stock photo from Impression Obsession of their Mega mount and a 6x6 stamp.  This is one tool I would highly recommend you have, especially if you are like me and prefer to make the large A6 and A7 cards.  I.O. makes Fabulous back ground stamps and the rocker mount makes them super easy to use.

One of my Fav's

On any color card stock with any color ink!!

I used and Encore Metallic Ink and a clear heat embossing powder
to create a back ground.  Hard to tell in this photo but it really came out nice. 
I never have a problem with I.O. stamps, they are very deeply etched and hold the ink perfectly.
another great thing about IO, they actually sell not so perfect stamps - and if you are purchasing a big background stamp, who is going to notice a tiny flaw UNDER something??

I'll have to try adding to color to this, but for this card, no coloring..

I used one of my digital images and added a foil background

you can't see the glitter or the holographic clear paint on the wings, but in real life it is quite sparkly.!

On an interesting note about adhesion, the first time I made this card I used ATG tape.  I have learned that using glue on foils does not work, it dries and then separates. To adhere all the layers I used ATG tape, quick and easy except when I went to write the card out and get it into the mail this morning, I had a problem - the layer on the embossed surface did not stick and the entire card was curling!!
We all know what an pain and disappointment that is!!

Note to self, glue on glossy heat embossed surfaces. 

I added glued to the back of the foil layer and let it set up under a book - 20 minutes later the card was well adhered and nice and flat.

In synopsis:
On foils use ATG or tape of sometime
On Embossed use glue (maybe score tape)

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are having a great day!
Ginny M


Jan Castle said…
Nice work Ginny! Thanks for the tips!!!!
Paper Hugs,

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