Scrap Control

I know Scarp paper can become a big deal for some of us.  If you check the craft world scene you will find lots of posts and tutorials on how to control this aspect of craft supplies.  I have my own solution and after a few years of crafting and selling crafts/crafting products I could have had a mountain of scraps.  I Have a friend Shaz in Australia and she has in inspired me to use all the "bits" and not let them go to waste.  So that is what I am now doing. Using the "bits" and not accumulating them as "scraps".

I also have a box of things not used going to the kids club here at my apartment complex.

Last year I had a Use your scraps Challenge on my Face Book Group and it was really fun to see what everyone came up with. Part of the challenge required weighing your scraps before and after. I had a scrap stash that weighed it at 7 pounds, many had 20+ pounds!
I think I made in two weeks about 40 cards with mine and that was it what was left I either tossed or donated and I have not created a new scrap stash since.  When I make a card and have scraps, I make a card with what is left over.

I wanted to show you a few of my "bits" cards I made this weekend:

I made this card for a friend, I Initially made two of the focal images and the paper is double sided, you can see both sides in this card:

I had a focal image and some of the pretty black paper left over (it started as a 12x12 sheet)

These bits were in my glass container:

So I made this card :

and then this card:

and yes it is okay to use Mary Engelbreit calendar pages to makes cards!
I save my calendar pages for that  purpose!

From this card I made last week:

I also had these  (again that black paper):

and made this 

Which leaves me with this:

From the scraps of two cards I made 3 more!

I don't have room to store leftover papers nor do I really want too.  When I have classes I have lots more scraps I try to use those up right away too.  Sometimes they will get shredded for packing the things I sell and I also hope to start making hand made papers - that will require paper being pulped and reused , so they will be like me, Born Again!!

I hope this inspires you to use up your scraps not pile them up and then end up having a storage problem!

Thanks for stopping by,
Ginny M


Brilliant work, Ginny, I am not in your league by along way but plod along as best I can and Lord blesses, thanks for inspiring us, and the link over too!!! :)

Love you in the Lord, Sis, and may our great God bless your hands..
... been praying esp for your direction in your spot the LORD has planted you.
Hugs Shaz in Oz.x
Oh Ginny, I cannot imagine that many scraps - I don't even have that much paper [I think ;-)]... Love your scrap cards, they really do look fabulous. I have my scraps in a small container called my 'promise box' - I promise to use this.... The card with the calendar picture is such a fun one.

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