Delicious snack bread

I've been working on making a delicious snack bread.  Something for a quick pick me up afternoon snack or a breakfast on the go.  I love to have a nice relaxed breakfast but it isn't always possible.  I do make breakfast a morning priority,  along with other good eating habits, I brought my A1C's down from the beginning  of type two diabetes to well within normal limits.  That dark ring from the base of my neck that signifies  pancreatic problems has also disappeared.  I am very careful about eating processed food ( I try not to) and I limit sweets.
This recipe is worth the effort and it's taste is its own reward!   

This is something Steve and I both enjoy .                                 

      There is a lot of information on how wonderful these grains are for you.  We love them, they taste is great and they are so good for you!

The cost of these grains is minimal, these three bags  represent  14 loaf's worth of bread.  The cost of each of these bags is $6.00, $8.00, $9.00.  The cost of one loaf is $3.42.  I cut 10 servings from each one.  So this is a healthy snack for about 32 cents a serving.  you can't by a chemical bar, candy bar or pack of snack crackers in a vending machine for .32 cents!

     I grind the grain in my Vita-mix,  this takes about 45 seconds.

Chopped blanched walnuts, these are so tasty  

I add raisins and cranberries
Here is the end result, a dark rich sweet bread, you don't even need butter!

you are welcome to copy and paste this recipe to give it a try, I've put it in Jpeg format

                      I hope you give this a try, Homemade treats are the tastiest and the best for you!
Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Steven M said…
I have to say that this bread is a great treat in the morning. I take a slice to work and eat as I have time, perfect and tasty !! Steve~
Sounds wonderful Ginny.

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