Weekends are a great beginning

I Love the weekends, Saturday is our day to have fun and Sunday is our day to worship! I think the best thing is that these are two days Steve and I can be together.  Whatever we are doing , it is always best done together.    

 I finished my hummingbird Needlepoint  4,900 stitches 5x5 size !  I'm not sure why I thought this would take me a night or two.  After I complete the group of 5x5's I will consider giving them a Tea bath to turn down the colors

I've got the next one ready to go

I've done about 24 stitches for the catch up on  TAST challenge 

Bread's out of the oven and beans are in the pot, time to enjoy the rest of the day!!
I hope you have a great weekend
and enjoy the blessing in your life!

Ginny M


Steven M said…
Love my weekends with my wife and best friend !! So many years of going to drills one weekend a month that I appreciate every day with you. That is not to say I did not appreciate or respect the drill weekends I went away. Steve ~
What a beautiful piece that humming bird tapestry is - I am looking forward to seeing the next one done. I too love Sundays and worship service.

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