Happy Mail

Once  of the nicest things about using  the internet are the friendships that happen when like-minded people get together in the various groups on the web.  I have made real friends (in flesh and blood) and dear friends that I hope to meet.  But honestly the possibility of me going to Australia to meet Shaz and Maxine are slim (but not impossible)  But I enjoy hearing from them and praying with them almost every day!  I am thankful for all of these friendships the extra dimension of happiness they have brought in my life.

One o f my Friends Angela R sent me a lovely gift, it was such a surprise!  She had been thinking of me and mailed  this gift along with the story of how it came to her.

This is a "French Apron" this delightful hand-sewn Apron is meant to be worn while hosting

It came with the original letter and a beautiful hand made card from Angela!

The gift and the very kind words just made me feel so good and so honored!
This also encourages me  to be more of a blessing to people and to reach out when I feel that "nudge"

What a better place our world would be if we gave people  a piece of our blessing instead a piece of our mind!
Thank you Angela for the time and the expense of sending this sweet gift, I really appreciate it and you and our friendship!

Thanks for stopping by,
Ginny M


What a blessing to receive such a beautiful and unexpected gift and card - and to be counted amongst your friends too. BTW I am in New Zealand, not Australia :-). There is the Tasman sea between us, locally referred to as "the ditch".
Ginny Maxam said…
Really? I thought you were on the North Coast!! My who would have thought we could easily have such wonderful and far away friends!! xo

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