Hoops and frames, a comparison.

I've been working on the dragonfly tapestry for a couple of days and I decided I don't want to spend any more time on it.  I just don't like it.   I give myself permission to quit things when I don't like them and toss them.  I don't have the space to hold onto things I really don't like.  I know a lot of crafty friends that really get hung up on projects they don't like and then have them as W.I.Ps that build up and turn into a ball and chain.  I try to be careful with my purchasing so when something tanks, I salvage what I can ( In this case the floss and the canvas) and move on.

                                            I decided I just don't like this one

So I broke out the third one of the kits that I bought.  I may still tea dye these to tone down the colors 

I also spent more time reading the directions and learning what the codes mean - remember I am new to needlepoint.

I also decided to put this tapestry in my lap hoop
But I needed to sew an extension, the canvas is about 9x9 and my hoop is 10".

All hooped and ready to go.  using a hoop lie this allows me to stitch with both hand very comfortably and it is close enough so I can see what I am doing.

I thought I'd talk a little bit about embroidery frames.

The frame above is very comfortable and can be angled in many different ways.  The base goes under your leg, you position the angle to the most comfortable and workable positions.  the hoops can be easily taken off the frame .  you can use many size hoops.  This works on the sofa and a comfy chair as well as a wood or folding chair.                                                          This is a favorite of mine

Another convenient frame type hoop is a standing floor model;
 the frame  can be raised to many heights and angled in many ways it can also hold many size frames, I use this one for larger pieces and I also use it as a decoration.  This frame will hold several different types of hoops. Shown in this picture is a roller frame. People love looking at this kind of thing in progress!  The is another favorite.  

A smaller hand-held favorite is the Q-Snap frame
these come in different sizes and you can purchase extenders to make a very large frame.  I love these for smaller peices, the are very easy to "hoop" and you get very good tension

this frame and hoop combo I do not like, I find it very awkward, maybe because I don't own or wear pants, I just can't get this to sit on my lap in a sturdy or balanced way.

This is a traditional quilting hoop and stand, but it works for large lage needle work projects

Of course there are the trusty hand held hoops that come in many sizes and shapes and materials

This type I don't like for hand embrodery but I have found them conveniten for free moption work on my sewing machine'

The purpose of hooping is to give your ground cloth good tension for cosistant stiching.  Somepeople love hoops and some can't stand them.  I prefer to hoops and stitch with both hands as often as I can.  

This is by no means an exhaustive list , it is just a lit of what I like to use and why.  Like any Art or craft, it is all about discovery.
I hope this is helpful and thanks for stopping by
Ginny M


I can understand you not liking the dragonfly once you started stitching - the colours don't appeal to me either. I have just started using a lap/knee frame for some cross stitch and am enjoying it - it is a similar style to your top one.

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