Mocha Maca Afternoon Power Drink - YUM!

Since giving up sugar and sweetened drinks, (hot or cold )  I have found myself not having that 3pm slouch time.  You know that fatigue where you hope you don't fall asleep in the middle of something and embarrass yourself. I did find that I really wanted some light a calorie pick me up.  Eating every 3- fours hours has helped with blood sugar issues ( they are gone ) and I find I feel better in general and let's face it,  if you are like me you like eating.
 I don't have any intention of eating foods that are blah and tastes,   if you are eating food that is Blah and bland, you really need to look at what you are eating.  Real food tastes good and is very satisfying.  Forget the "diet foods" low cal or low fat.  Get off the sugars and start reading about clean whole foods, you will lose weight and feel revitalized.  You will WANT to eat less and be able to afford to eat better.

Right before I got off of the sugar treadmill I started drinking Starbucks coffees - I still do just black and Now I love it - but before that, I was starting to get a little hooked on the wonderful drinks with vanilla syrup and cream.  My afternoon coffee at home would be a vanilla coffee, 2 sugars and lots of whole milk, maybe two, and if I was working I'd drink it just about all day long.  I had thought about hooking up one of the hampster water feeding bottles to my sewing machine and just load it up.  So Let's just say, I loved my coffee.   Fast forward 3 months later and I am free of it - the addicting properties of the sugar and drinking black coffee around two - just one.  Well, I brewed up a little concoction this week, I call it a Mocha, Maca power drink.  It is a delicious drink and a small meal/snack replacement, PLUS it is good for you, real good! it is simple with no added sugars and the cost of this is about 40 cents per serving - my water bottle - calories about 60.

Here is my recipe 
 You will need to use a blending machine, I use a Vitamix, but you can use anything that will break down ice. 

Add the following into your blender
1/2 frozen banana
1tsp protein powder
1tsp instant coffee
1/2 tsp maca powder 
10 oz water
3-4 ice cubes
Blend till the ice and banana are liquefied.   
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There is only a hint of banana flavor, it reminds me of a protein powder that I used to love called "Click"  it had a great taste and it was really expensive - I just loved that rich coffee and chocolate flavor.  I stopped drinking not because of the cost but because of the artificial sweeteners used in it.  Kind of like shooting yourself in the foot.  
This shake has no dairy and no added sugars 

I thought to take the picture after I drank it.  
maybe that is a better testimony!

There is a lot of info about the value of Raw Cocoa  and Maca powder and worth your time look it up and to read it  I came across it Maca powder on by the advice of my friend Tammy:

Just look at my beautiful friend Tammy and her husband, I look at them and think they know something I don't and I think I need to find out what it is! 

 I won't tell you their ages but I guarantee this is a picture of health, beauty, and good nutrition.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you try this, so good for you!!
Ginny M


Sounds yummy - must follow up on the Maca powder.

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