Great tip for recycling and a salad dressing recipie

I don't know if you are like me, I love pretty bottles and glassware.  Even commercial bottles can be a work of art!!  I like to recycle my glass, I try to store everything I can in the glass. I also make my own salad dressings and store a couple days worth in pretty bottles.  I have noticed in the last decade that the labels on commercial bottles are just about impossible to get off.  gone are the days where you put the bottle in a pan of hot soapy water.  Using things like Naptha, Goo-Gone, and lighter fluid still, won't work!  ( I know you are thinking how very exciting my life is)  But this Morning I discovered something that works and leaves the skin on my fingers!

  I use Brasso on the bottoms of my pans and one or twice a year on the insides of my cast iron enamel to remove stains and that spongie thing is great too, it stays clean and doesn't get stinky.  I peel the paper off the labels and then run under hot water,  A few drops of Brasso and  brisk rubbing take it right off!

In my Micro apartment kitchen every inch of counter top counts and since it is open to the living area it needs to stay looking nice too.  eating and enjoying good healthy food is a big hobby of ours so I don't mind the kitchen view.  When friends come over they like looking at the cooking things and enjoy cooking with me.  You should see the smiles when there is a fresh rack of pasta on the counter! 

A favorite trio, Extra Virgin Olive oil, Balsamic Vinegar and Almond Oil.

This is a favorite recipe of our 

This is terrific as a salad dressing, grilled on meat or veg, even drizzled on fresh homemade Pasta!!

You can also add a handful of berries , apple slices or dried cranberries for a special zing of flavor!

I hope you find this tip helpful and the recipe tasty!
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Steven M said…
First, let me say that the bottles without labels really do look very nice in our kitchen with your homemade dressings, oil mixes and spices bringing a natural beautiful look. Secondly, I love coming home and eating whatever you have made with whatever recipe you came up with. Beautiful kitchen, delicious food and happy hubby :)
Hmm - that dressing sounds wonderful Ginny!!! Thanks for the tip about the label removing. I too recycle as much as possible, and prefer to store my goodies in glass. Thankfully our local council has a recycling collection, which is wonderful.

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