Card PArty Fun!

Yesterday I met with a great group of women for a stamp a stack a thon.  Or a bunch of us made a bunch of cards!!  I haven't even finished mine as I left early to go home and take care of a sick dogzilla!   Crystal AKA super stamp girl co-hosted this event and as usual did a super Job!!  Thanks Crystal!!   Here are few pictures of the event :

The Charming and oh so hard working Super Stamp Girl and the youngest stamper there 'Charlotte'

A card table of examples

Busy area - embossing and die cutting

                                                         Lots of light and table space

Here I am proving I am not a vampire, I can albeit reluctantly have a photo taken
One of the best things about women and crafting: making friends!
Crystal is one of those people I just can't get enough time with!

Lots of fun!
Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Mehrll said…
I know you had fun! Why didn't you invite me? I wish there were groups like that around here. Glad you enjoyed it.
Jan Castle said…
Really looks like a fun day! Glad you had a great time!!!!
Mm might be a cultural thing but dont get your vampire comment Ginny?? maybe bit slow too :D
love the images and looks like you all had really great fun! Shaz in Oz.x
Gee thanks, Ginny. You are so sweet! Big hugs. Super Stamp Girl herself

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