Crafty weekend

I promised pictures of my crafty weekend and here they are, What a great time!  Everything was perfect! We crafted from 8 am until 3 am!  I went up with Crystal and her stuff and went home with Crystal and Donna, I don't know how we crammed all that stuff in my SUV, but we did!
I'll let the pictures tell the story!

 The beautiful lake the center was on

The dining hall

 The Loft area where the "card makers " occupied

The main floor, scrapbookers

Five fantastic women I crafted with all weekend and yes we are in pj's it was about 1 am!
Jen, Donna, Crystal, Laurie, Dee and Moi

My craft desk area

my area was a crafty mess most of the weekend - I used my grab and glue method of card making - I just made cards with what I had.  I love making cards like this and I have to say, when it comes to following directions or samples for cards, I mess them up every time!

Crystal AKA Super Stamp Girl who was promoted to Super Girl over the weekend!

Donna's work area


Looking down from the loft:
 The scrappers brought lots of technology with them, Cutting machines, laptops to run the machines, printers to print photos, it was very interesting!

This was my first crafty retreat and I have to say I enjoyed every minute! 
I also have a better idea of what to bring and how to bring it.  With our group on the second floor it was a lot of lifting for me!  I bought a lot of Maxam Made papers and they all weighed a ton! or closer to about 400lbs of paper!

Fortunately I sold quite a bit, which meant less lugging home!

Getting home was an experience in packing!  Donna volunteered for that job and good thing, she did a great job packing and It took me a lot of time to haul down the paper from the loft!!

Crystal got the roof rack secured and we were off, tired, happy and ready for another weekend!

We all had a great time, I'd like to thank Crystal for the first 5 photos, they were used without permission - thank you Crystal!

I'll post cards made there tomorrow!
Thanks for stopping by 
Ginny M


Hi Ginny! Great photos (albeit "stolen") :) But, it was a truly great time and so much fun! Thank God for that luggage carrier! "Super Girl"
BRILLIANT eh, Ginny, I love it all wish i wuz there though :D Shaz in Oz.x
Julia Dunnit said…
Oh it looks fab! I must say your scrapbookers take a LOT more stuff than I do to our scrapbookers weekend..I pre-print and 'kit' as much as I can to avoid having to take the technology...if I don't have a clue about what I'm going to do, I would have to take two vehicles full of stuff!
I'm glad that you sold some of your gorgeous stock too, no doubt it goes down really well. Isn't it nice to have a wekend where the conversation doesn't have to stop and the tidying doesnt have to be done every meal time!

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