Still getting ready and a freebie

This is taking more time and effort than I originally thought - the getting ready for a crafty weekend!

I'll be selling Maxam Made papers and ephemera, So I have been cutting and packaging, making lists of things to bring. This is my first weekend crafty event!  I prefer to travel light, but there is no way that is going to happen for this weekend!!

Lots of cutting - my trusty  stack cutter that I purchased on ebay- this whipped through 4,000 sheets of paper in about 3 hours I am linking this for you because if you cut a lot of cardstock, this will be the best 129.00 you can spend for cutting! I can cut 3 packages of CS at once with a perfect easy cut! Demo's you would LOVE this!

This is what 2,000 sheets of paper looks like:  This stack x2!!   Getting ready for packaging

 More packaging:

and you can't work with paper and not make a card!!

This is for my FB group color set:  Roses 

and a freebie for you to make a card!!

Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


ah perfecto Ginny, I love the card and the way you stamped on tag on it .. wonderful work.. and all that cutting, to be honest that cutter scares me and could not sue it too lethal with my fingers an all :D Shaz in Oz.x
argh, meant "use" it of course not "sue" it but maybe would if lost my fingers :D
Jan Castle said…
Look forward to hearing how you do at your craft certainly are prepared!!!! Lovely card too!!!

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