Paper Product review and freebie!

I know we are all always looking for good deals on our basic supplies so I made a purchase at Michael’s today in hopes of finding a good product at a good price. Michaelsl cardstock in the past was a skimpy 65# cover stock weight and not suitable in my opinion for card bases.  Michaels' did something interesting a couple years ago, they asked their customers what they wanted. From their card makers they heard a call for heavy weight quality card stock for card bases, in bulk and at a good price! Well they heard the request and did something about it, they started selling 110# in white and ivory, 100 sheet at $12.99. This is a good price and you can't find it cheaper unless you buy it as a printer by the truck load. With a coupon it is less than 9.00 per 100 sheets. I know the white and ivory is great but today I discovered they also have black (now if they would only do a nice deep red). I bought the black and I have to say I really like it and I will buy it again. I wish the surface was a little more polished, but for a affordable base you just can't beat it. It also cuts well on my cricut and with my die cuts, (I do multi passes on both).

If you are looking for a extra heavy weight black for your bases and die cuts, I highly recommend this!! BTW there is a lot of info on paper weight and what the terms cover, index, basis  means.  The easiest way to understand the weights of paper is to use the g/m weight and to simplify even more   you want over 240 for a base weight and 140-190 for a layering weight.

Today's  freebie is  from my awesome friend Jen Evers !! I linked this to her you tube channel - worth the time!!

This is 4x5.25 or 4 up for printing

This is the paper, at $12.99 for 100 sheets of black cover stock, you cannot beat the price, especially if you use a 40% off coupon!

this edge is folded without scoring, pretty crisp and clean

The black is deep, if I were to rate it at a black brightness, I would give this a 94, Neenah Eclipse I would give a 95 rating

very firm with plenty of body

And here is my card:

another view:

This is a 5x7 size.

I hope you found this helpful!
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!
Ginny M


Regina Hamilton said…
Thanks for the information. I didn't know that Michael's carried heavy weight cardstock. I have to check this out.
Jan Castle said…
Thanks Ginny...I will have to look for the black! They also have a pack with two shades of a shimmer white - one that looks silvery and one that looks more gold. TFS
Ah sis great freebie. Would like a Michael's around here. There is pretty good card at our office supplies and they will order in too so even tho its dearer than this it's great quality :-D. Gotta love that. Shaz in Oz.x

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