I'm borrowing a photo from my crafty weekend for my work desk today!  Much more interesting!  While I was away playing all weekend my Sweet husband painted my craft room!!!!! How exciting is that!  What a job, It's almost done now!  I'll post pictures of that next week!

What a mess!!  But I made 200 christmas cards and 50+ other cards!!  The christmas cards needed assembling and some stamping the other cards were totally "organic" - grab and glue!

Christmas card production

Other cards made !

That's my desk!!
if you are interested in more pictures, scroll down into the last post!!
Thanks for stopping by!

Ginny M


Krisha said…
Well done on the Christmas card production, but really enjoyed the "other" picture of your desk....LOL
Krisha #5
Chrysalis said…
That's absolutely brilliant - what a production line! BTW, do you hire out your lovely hubby for decorating? LOL!! Have a great week, Chris # 8
Angela Radford said…
Pleased you're getting on well with the Christmas card production.
Hope you have a great crafty week, Angela x 28
Jan Castle said…
Looking forward to seeing what you created over your weekend! Looks like a lot of fun.....and of course WORK! LOL!
Helen said…
that sounds a huge number of cards for a weekend! look forward to seeing the newly painted craft room too.Helen 4
wonderfully crafty and heres me not made a card in over a week :D Okay have things ready to go!! Happy WOYWW just about to do my post a day late :D Shaz in Oz.x
Artatag said…
My goodness!!!! That is unbelievable - sooooo many cards. You must have worked night and day. Awesome!
Gabriele 26
Julia Dunnit said…
Good grief Ginny - that must be a record for a weekend's work, am off to have a nosey. Was in a bit of shock over the first photo - i thought it was your desk 'during'! You must have been like a tornado!
505whimsygirl said…
Hi Ginny,

Wow - that's a stack of papers! I haven't stamped in ages but when I did I would do a mini production line if I were making multiples of the same card. I found it to be easier and better organized (which is something I strive for but don't seem to achieve).

Can't wait to see the finished craft room. What a great hubby to paint it!

I knew it would be through the weekend before I was able to visit desks. Better late than never!

Happy belated WOYWW
Michelle G said…
200+ cards ......that's just crazy! Well done with that marathon.
fairyrocks said…
Well, you really rocked the cards!!! It just goes to show, great things can come from much dedication. Keep smiling and creating.

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