Stitching a butterfly Applique

I stitched up a butterfly last night as a bit of an experiment.  It may be turned into a brooch or go on a crazy quilt. I wanted to see if I could improve my stitching by using a thinner needle and more patient stitching, I think it is improved.  When I had an embroidery machine, I could produce a butterfly  in about 30 minutes this one took about 4 hours.  Machine are great, I love hand stitching. the green things are pins holding the butterfly!

Last Months:

I used Buckram as the ground cloth, It worked well other than bending two needles!

I used a rubber stamp and stamped the image with a waterproof  Archival ink

I used a small 5" hoop and handheld it

 Stem stitch with 4 ply cotton  to make the  outline.  I wanted a good strong line that would hold when I cut the butterfly out

The interior Stitches were Split stitch with 2 ply cotton

For the wings, I used 2 ply Rayon with a silver shot.  I used short and long stitch for this area

The black body  is 2 ply cotton in stem stitch

I finished the edges with seed beads, cut the butterfly from the ground cloth, glued the edges under and attached to black felt

I may run a wire through the wings and keep the wings dimensional

Next time I think I won't use beads but instead, satin stitch the outer border and use french knots.  That is one of the fun things about the craft, there is always room for experimentation!!
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Ginny <


What a great result Ginny - and yes, the joy of craft is that you can never stop learning :-)
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