OSA Challenge

This week I re-entered the OSA Sunday Challenges. you have all week to make the card , the new ones are posted on Sunday.  
The Challenge was an LIM card by GinaA

Why do things that look so simple hang you up when you try do recreate?
Or maybe it's just me! I do much better improvising

I started out trying to use a clear block to create the Ink shadow

That was a disaster

went to a smaller size:

The I had the idea to mask off an area and use my air airbrush thingy

The air brush squeeze thing made my hand hurt and I wasn't overly impressed with the results -
 but this was my first attempt.

I spritzed out my square

Inked my stamp in three colors

Stamped and waited a few seconds:

Realized I should have masked the cats and the blue background showed through (of course it would, what was I thinking!!

So I got out my trusty black ink marker pen and jar of acrylic pain and did a touch up

Still needed more whiteness/ opaqueness so I added pear white nail polish!

When I pulld the mask tape off, it lifted the surface of the paper on part of the card!  UGH, so instead of trashing the image I cut it out and adhered to a new base. So it isn't exactly a one layer card, but close enough!

Here It is!

I hope you are having a joyful holiday! 
Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Wonderful top card sis wanted to join challenge too...but... we'll see. Love masking off too as you did don't have an air thingy love its effects .Shaz.xx
Jan Castle said…
Have mine ready to photograph and upload...must agree with you that it sounds easy, but...3 pieces of card stock later, I finally am somewhat happy with what I did! Yours is adorable Ginny!

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