Cards and cook talk

Did anyone check out the WOYWW links? 
Here is my batch of finished cards :

I made these with a great 130# base, they just 'feel' so nice! 
This link was in my email yesterday and I thought it was worth sharing:

7 popular health/diet foods that you should not eat because they are so unhealthy!  I think really your best foods are going to come out of your own kitchen.  I love to cook and make the time to do it, now I am doing things a little differently.  One thing I need:  more counter space!!  I love my little kitchen but I don't love lugging my appliances on and off the counter
Last year my friend Marcia was down sizing and offered me her Cuisinart machine, I didn't hesitate to say yes!!  In turn I passed my Hamilton beech food processor on to another friend.  The HB was a great machine, but this Cuisinart has every attachment made and a bigger motor. Which means I can make home made pasta!!  I did it years ago, and I think it was so good we as a family of 5 gained about about 50 lbs!  This time I am going to experiment with Spelt!
Using my food processor, I can process it into flour- I am just not sure about the ability to become pasta.  But it will be fun trying!  You can find all kinds of glowing reports on spelt and it's nutritional value.   Here is a picture of my Cuisinart counter, looks great now, but I really had to think about finding space, relocating the other essentials that were there.  The challenges of small spaces!
Another great idea my Husband came up with in my galley kitchen:
I know this is a bad picture, but you get the idea, the hanging shelf was a small shelf from home depot.  Steve rigged it to the wall and small space over my sink.  This has come in so handy and it looks really nice too.  I had wanted that nice set of pots and pans for years, (the 18/10 stainless multi core from Costco) I had no place to put them.  Santa brought the pans, and hung the shelf!! Great Idea and it cost about 15.00. Good thing I am tall though!   Time for me to get to work, and as soon as I can get a pound of dried basil, I'm going to start the pasta experiment!  Hopefully more on that later!  Have a great day!Ginny


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