the day after THAT day

I'm on the road today, Things didn't go as planned yesterday. Instead of 4 hours in the OR, Steve Was there 9.  All will be well , but right now it is a little hectic.  I colored these flowers yesterday while I waited.  I was blessed in that my 3 friends, Jane, Lori and Betty stayed with me that long, long day.


Ginny, I am sending you lots of positive thoughts, support and my love to you and Steve in this challenging moment!
I am sure he will be soon fine!Be strong!
I hope my some extra energy and my love can reach you there !

The sunflowers are STUNNING!
Dear Ginny,

I wish I could help in a way too!

Cancer is very limited compared to the love we share with family and friends.

I found this great poem and would like to share.

It cannot cripple love
It cannot shatter hope
It cannot corrode faith
It cannot destroy peace
It cannot kill friendship
It cannot suppress memories
It cannot silence courage
It cannot invade the soul
It cannot steal eternal life
It cannot conquer the spirit

we all know one thing too well-

It’s a fight that is both physically and emotionally exhausting for the one fighting the fight, as well as emotionally exhausting for those that care.

Sometimes it’s easy to let it get you down, but it is very important that we not let this happen...never! Be strong and optimistic!

We must always keep hope and faith.

You know Ginny, attitude is everything.

And it is more than right!!!!

We have to be strong for those that are fighting this battle.

I called Lena this morning after I got your mail from the hospital.

Lena told me these words for Steve:"

Cancer is an ugly thing but it can't take away all the beautiful things that I enjoy and this is painting.( Lena is a good painter!)

Cancer cannot stop me from enjoying hearing from my friends.

Cancer cannot take away all my dreams for the future in this hard time.

Cancer cannot stop me from loving - family, friends,sun,animals, rain, nature,rainbow, collecting shells on the beach in the evenings or anything else.

Cancer cannot stop me from smiling and saying" Hello" to those I greet to improve their day as well as my own.

Cancer cannot stop me from watching the ships in the sea through my balcony.

Cancer cannot take away my sense of humor.

Cancer cannot rob me of laughter and my smile.

Dear Ginny and Steve we are sending you our love, support and positive energy from so far...but in our hearts we are all very close to you!

Be strong!!!!!!

Love, Vica
Whimcees said…

The sunflowers are beautiful - the coloring is right on! I keep you both in my prayers. Wishing you a good day today!


Barbara Diane

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