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"I'm not OCD, I'm just Consistent!!"
That is what a friend of mine said a couple of weeks ago.  He was referring to his very orderly life, and the need to use a certain color towel for the gym, one for home,  and that everything be in the same place that it has been for 16 years in his house. Remarking how well his wife handled these "needs".  He was Speaking publicly and when I heard that it made my little newly labeled "consistent"  heart so happy!  Now I know I'm not OCD!  I just like Constancy!!!!  And Order!!  My crafting room makes me get on my own nerves at times, I just can't work when thing feel off kilter.  Today is one of those days, I am sitting here typing away when I want to stamp and make cards, but I don't want to do that until I make more space, I'm feeling cluttered! I want to start having "days" like Mojo Monday, Tuna Tuesday, Weightlifting Weds, Throw down Thursday and Fry pan Friday!  It sounds so wonderfully organized and productive!  But how do you get that all done and posted by 5am? Plus Prayer, plus get to the gym, plus get the dog walked Plus take a calming sensation spa shower, Plus end up with perfectly Coiffured hair by 7:30 am - just to be ready to start work for 8.  How do people do all that?    They must be very, very CONSISTENT!    So I' going to work on fine tuning my levels of consistency, but in the mean time, here is my latest batch of cards:  I made these late last night so that I could get my post up early, so I could get my hair perfectly Coiffured so that I will be better able to sew F16 fuel pod covers in a more efficient and genteel manner.

These cards will go to ORCAS.  ORCASis a Non Prof Group (started by Oregon Coast Avid Stampers) they work with http://www.operationcarepackages.org  .  Cards are made and sent into Orcas and they prepare and send them to OCP. Ocp then puts them in care packages that go round the world and target troop groups.  Many of these cards will end up in hospitals for our wounded to write home with.   With these cards, I will bring them to my local LSS (life's Memories and More in  Palmer MA and the owner Tanya will ship them along with many others to Oregon.  I am now making cards for two groups going to our Hero's, OWH (www.operationwritehome.org )and ORCAS.  If anyone locally would like to join me please let me know I have card party nights where a group of us get together and make cards, it is lots of fun. 

These cards were made using bases of Neenah solar white 100# and 3 sheets of DCWV 12x12 paper.
Stampin' up early espresso ink and studio g glitter glue.

One thing I would like to share on the crafty side, because I am making so many cards a week, i am finding using ATG tape solo is not budget efficient.  So I went back to some really old school favorites:

Yep, you were afraid of this weren't you!  The only thing different is the product on the left has a brush and gives you really good control, it cost 2.95 at a craft store, I bought 10 on amazon for 16.00. on the right, with the tacky glue I just make sure I prick a very tiny hole in the tip and use it sparingly and my results have been excellent!!  I am still using ATG  and I love it, I just can't afford a roll a day!

I bought this stamp at Tanya's and just thought it would be great for the Hero's cards.  

Here is an Idea for cleaning up in craft room,  I had a ratty old towel hanging around, It was about to become a car wash rag, but instead I cut it up :

and then surged it in to 8x8 squares:

removing the rattiest pieces, I now have a stack of very nice wipe up towels in my craft room.  My new dish towels were becoming all ink stained, (can you believe it I don't have a dishwasher!  I have never had one! - well I did have one, it came with the house , but since it was plumbed into the dining room, I asked my Sweet Hubs to rip it out!)  I especially like these for wiping the cleaner off my stamps. I keep a wet one handy on my work table  when I am stamping,                                        folded over in a Stampin' up clam shell.

And Now:

Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by! ~Ginny  


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