WOYWW #164

Today is The world wide peek of the crafters' desk tops, hosted by Julia at http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/ !  This is  a giant blog hop that travels around the world!  Normally I need the entire week to stop in every where, it is a lot of fun! I especially love to here from other            members that stop in at my blog! 

What is on my work desk today , Well I have multiple work desks, the fun one first - my stamp room!
Today I am working on a 'Tananbata Swap' hosted by Oriental Stamp Arts Group.  This one is a 4 for 4, so I am making four of these cards and will receive 4 in return!  I always love to see what my fellow crafters' are using for material and layout. Especially in locations other than the US.  Materials and availability change from country to country so it can be very interesting!

On the desk my Lovely Asian Lady, I am stamping and heat embossing her 8 times on Wausau Birch paper 90#. 

One for each card face and another to put in the card as a fun thing for the recipient.

I'm auditioning colors, all I can say about these is Blek!

Working the first card

And the final result, for card #1 of 4. 

 I stopped stamping in 2002 after a house fire and I lost all my stuff. We were newly married and no renters insurance. With three kids at home, starting over with stamping supplies wasn't on my mind.   I started again last year when my daughter asked me to do her wedding invitations.
I tell you, I have hardly come up for air!!  In 2001 the cool tool was a fiskar crimper,  The Internet as a resource then, sure  AOL, Dial up 40.00 for 72 hours Remember? Now the cool tools are totally over the top, and papers,unbelievable how beautiful and easy to come by and the Internet as a resource takes all over the world !  The Industry has boomed while I was hibernating! However  in that 10 years I learned how to do contract commercial sewing and for fun, quilting so it was still a very busy creative time!   But Stamping,   No Problems, I made up for lost time.

Now my other work Desk, well I think I have posted this picture every day this week.
Fuel pod covers for F16's  This one is #55 of 63, almost done!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of the hop!! ~Ginny


Charlene said…
Totally intrigued by that black press on your desk..is that a stamp press? TFS! #80
RosC said…
Hello Ginny.
Lovely Japanese theme for your card, and quite intricate work. Great stamping work with the press. Does that help to keep an even pressure?
Thanks for your visit too.
All the best,
Ros. #19
jill said…
great oriental theme , lovel the finished result. happy crafting jill #32
LiliansArt said…
Very cute Asian lady card. popping in from woyww
Julia Dunnit said…
Wow Ginny, those fuel pd covers are a huge job..you're doing really well. And to think of your work doing such a good job! Your return to stamping is a great story, and the unfolding discovery of the way the industry has leapt forward amd your card is wonderful!
Lunch Lady Jan said…
I understand your story as I didn't craft for many years, for various reasons - but I always liked fiddling about with different things. Then I discovered sewing and, more recently, beading. Now I can't imagine life without them!!
Hugs, LLJ #28 xx
WOW Ginny!
beautiful card design and colors, that's a perfect card Ginny!

Your coloring is stunning and I love the papers you've used!

Crafty Hugs!

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