Inspiration Wall

Quilters often have design walls.  These walls are invaluable tools to "getting the bigger picture"
When I was quilting a lot I had one and didn't use it much, my sister Robin on the other hand is a Master Quilter and she uses hers all the time! 
When I was doing a lot of crazy quilting a couple years ago, Steve made me a mini design wall from a Scrap piece of hard foam insulation cut to fit a door right across my desk in my room.  I covered it with a piece of bamboo green wool from my stash and hung a beautiful Asian floral panel (that Robin gave me).  Yesterday I decided to put up some of my cards as a inspiration piece - a design wall on a small scale.  Here It is:

I love rubber stamp art, such a huge amount of expression potential in a small DoDad.  I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday, we are, Enjoying our day of rest and fellowship! God Bless you Abundantly! ~ginny


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